We offer a wide range of services specifically for dentists, and having offered these services for a long time, we know exactly what to do to get the most from your online brand. We offer website design, social media management and advanced SEO services.

Website Design

dental website designIt is no longer viable for a dentist to simply have a domain name and a one-page website as their online presence. With a very competitive market full of dentists all vying for the same clients, you need to be able to stand out from the crowd.

Our own web design platform has been created and refined by years of use from real dentists across the USA. The current platform that we create every website with has everything that any dentist could want.

The websites designed by ourselves are designed to convert your website visitors into patients for your company. Each website in our portfolio depicts the dentist’s expertise and professionalism.

A dental practise, no matter how good it is, will get nowhere without a great online presence. A website design from us is the first step to beating your competition.


Advanced SEO

advanced seo for dentistsHaving a great website isn’t enough. If no one can find that website, then what’s the point of it being there at all? Prospective patients tend to search for broad terms. For example, if you a patient is looking for a dentist in Chicago, they are most likely to search for “Chicago Dentist”.

Without proper optimization of your website, you will have no chance at all of being on that coveted first page for popular searches such as Chicago Dentist.

Our advanced SEO package has been created to give you the best chance of becoming the #1 ranked dentist in your area. If you are #1 on Google, you will get at least 36% of all search visits (according to many studies).

Many of our SEO clients have had huge increases in website visitors and patient conversions thanks to being more visible on Google, Bing and Yahoo search engines.


Social Media Management

social media management for dentistsSocial media has become a large part of online marketing strategies. Almost every company has a Facebook or a Twitter page now, and some utilize those pages better than others.

If you are unsure about the best way of creating engaging content on your social media accounts, or just don’t have time to administer your accounts, then you may be interested in our social media management package.

A recent study has shown 70% of referrals come from social media, so it is vital to have a presence. When social media is used properly, it is a great tool for connecting with potential patients. Interesting content that generates likes and retweets can get your brand seen by a much wider audience.

Our social media managers will post three updates every week to your Facebook and Twitter pages, and will also write a WordPress blog for you once a month.

This strategy has been proven to increase referrals, increase website traffic and increase brand awareness.


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