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For the past 17 years, Solution21 has helped dental and medical practices with their online marketing needs, from custom Web Design and SEO to Social Media Management.

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Solution21 creates beautiful and highly functional Website Design for dentists, surgeons and medical professionals…

Search Engine Optimization

Solution21 creates beautiful and highly functional Website Design for dentists, surgeons and medical professionals…

Internet Marketing

Solution21 creates beautiful and highly functional Website Design for dentists, surgeons and medical professionals…

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benefits of internet marketing

Studying the Benefits of Internet Marketing

After choosing Solution21, Inc. as your Web Design Internet Marketing Company to build your new website, our marketing professionals will create a high quality website that can generate a tremendous number of leads, maximize your revenue, and improve the user experience. 

Solution21 has many web design Internet marketing tools in it’s arsenal. Such as search engine optimization, paid advertisement management, social media management to profiles for increased profitability and reputation management to protect your brand. Additionally, our experts can create a mobile application that provides useful features, an innovative dashboard, and a customizable scheduler.

Examining the Benefits of Website Search Engine Optimization

After contacting Solution21, our web design internet marketing team will begin by building a strong foundation around your website. For local businesses, this includes building social web 2.0 backlinks with link wrappers to power them up and directory listings to rank your website for local and brand searches. 

We’ll then begin the keyword research to determine which keyword queries people are searching for. Then, depending on the SEO service you select, Solution21 will begin creating powerful blog posts for your website. These articles will be designed to drive traffic to them directly, with an inner-link from the article to the related service page utilizing the right anchor.

Once completed, your Solution21 Internet Marketing Team will move on to outreach. The purpose of the outreach is to generate high quality backlinks designed to substantially improve your website’s rankings. These backlinks also contain anchor text that will help Google and other search engines better understand what the article is about.

Designing a New Website

Solution21 will develop a cutting-edge website, with service landing pages that convert visitors into patients. Utilizing specially designed blog post articles that will answer questions that people are asking in search engines and social media related to the services you provide. Making you the expert in the field. Solution21 can provide your website with HIPAA Compliant forms and Telemedicine technology. 

Your new website structure will be SEO ready with the right URLs, meta title and description tags, H1 & H2 headlines, content, internal links, structured data and much more. 

Over the past 17 years Solution21 has designed over 3,200 websites for the healthcare industry. Because more and more people are utilizing their Smartphones to find what they need, it’s important that your new website is mobile ready. In fact, Solution21 is only developing websites that are mobile ready and designed to run seamlessly on mobile devices.

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Examining Keywords

Your website’s content describes who you are, what services you provide and where you are located to the search engines. So it’s vital that keywords that best describe the services you provide are included in the content on your website service pages. We will evaluate the keyword density, the popularity of specific keywords, localized keyword phrases and competitor websites. 

As an Internet Marketing Company, it is our job to examine and identify keywords that will drive the right traffic to your website based on user intent when searching. Utilizing Google analytics we’ll be able to identify where visitors to your website are coming from and which pages they visited and for how long. You will see which devices they were using when they visited your website and which keywords are driving traffic to specific pages on your website. We can use this data to identify missed opportunities and make any necessary adjustments.

As your web design and Internet marketing company, Solution21 will keep an eye on behavioral statistics to learn more about your website visitors. Making sure your landing pages convert and that your bounce rate is kept to a minimum. You will receive monthly detailed progress reports that include statistical information, such as keyword rankings, citation building, reputation status, Google My Business listings status and analytics.

5 Star Reputation

Optimizing the Company's Reputation

As part of our Internet Marketing Services, Solution21 offers Reputation Management Services. We’ll make it easy for you to ask your patients for reviews, while keeping full control over the review. The way it works is that the review comes back to you first, allowing you to decide  whether or not to post the review on your website as a testimonial. If you accept the review the patient immediately gets a response thanking them for the review and asking them one more time to post a review on 1 of 3 listings, such as Google or Yelp. They will be able to click on a link that takes them directly to the review site then copy and paste the review they already sent you the first time. Making it as easy as possible to deliver the good review while any bad review simply goes into hiding.

Reviews are extremely important for the following reasons.

  • They help build trust with your potential patients
  • Search engines will list you more often
  • Social proof that you are a good company
  • They help make you more visible

Once Solution21 implements this strategy, this technique will increase your website’s traffic and optimize the site’s rankings for your brand.

Benefits of Internet Marketing for Your Practice

During the last 17 years, Solution21 has offered services that have benefited thousands of healthcare providers in the dental and medical industries. Including plastic surgeons, chiropractors and medical spas. Benefits include increased traffic to their websites, which translates to increased patients to their business and an increase to their bottom line. Generating a great ROI that will continue to incrementally grow over time.

After contacting Solution21, our internet marketing experts will evaluate your company’s website. We’ll look at the profitability of your website prior to recommending any Internet marketing services. Solution21 will promote your business using the latest Internet marketing techniques. We will evaluate trends that may affect the decisions your customers make and the reputation of your business.

Over 17 years of industry experience

Leader in Website Design and Marketing

We are at the forefront of changing the way medical practices and patients communicate by providing web-based services that generate leads and improve user experience, such as Custom Website Design and Development, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Social Media Management (SMM). Our Internet marketing services and products enable dental and medical practices to reach and communicate with their present and prospective patients more effectively.

The Solution

Solution21, Inc. is the premier provider of website development and Internet marketing solutions designed for healthcare professionals including dentists, dental specialists, cosmetic surgeons, chiropractors, dental labs, med spas and other healthcare professionals.

Our unique team of digital marketing experts, seasoned software designers and developers will place you on Google’s radar. Exceptional personalized service, competitive packages and increased lead generation are the hallmark of Solution21.

If you have any questions about our internet marketing services, you can evaluate our blog, outstanding testimonials, our company’s portfolio and custom solutions. When you are ready to contact Solution21, you could simply complete our contact form, and once you request a free consultation, our experts can answer your questions, evaluate your website and create a comprehensive plan. You can also reach us at 888-423-9235.

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