6 Tips to Spring Clean Your Dental or Medical Practice Website

Solution21 Dental and Medical Website Spring Cleaning

Indeed, spring is here! After months of freezing temperatures, birds are back chirping and the flowers blooming. Now is a wonderful opportunity for dentists and doctors to take a look at your practice websites and conduct annual spring makeover by getting rid of dated content and codes, old photos and tired copies and make room for fresh content, a new Responsive Dental Website Design or Responsive Medical Website Design

Website Content Improvement
Content is the life of your website and the key component that makes patients choose your dental or medical expertise. Add new and relevant content that answers some of the most interesting questions your patients ask and make sure it’s something they can share through social media. Use catchy titles that will resonate more with the patients and add infographics, interesting statistics and facts that help educate and inform patients. Pay extra attention to details like punctuation marks, spelling and grammars.

Polish Your Website Design
It’s a great time for a Dental or Medical Web Design rehabilitation if your website was designed two or more years ago and it’s looking tired. Your website is the window to your practice and it impacts your overall reputation. Is your website imparting the right message to your existing and prospective patients? Does it give the impression that you are someone they can trust for their dental or medical health? Your choice of colors, layout, images, call-to-action buttons and fonts should be consistent with your office interior, branding and culture. Do you have a mobile-friendly Responsive Dental Website or Responsive Medical Website? Google recently announced it will penalize websites that are not responsive or mobile-friendly because more people are turning to their smartphones and mobile devices in search of healthcare information or services. Responsive websites provide optimal experience for your patients.

Fold Away Old Photos and Display New Ones
No spring makeover is complete without replacing old photos on your site. Post new photos so you can showcase your team and your office to your site visitors. Patients wants to see beforehand the people they will trust with their health and dental needs. They want to take a look at your office photos if your are equipped with modern medical or dental equipment or if your office is clean and comfortable. They are also interested in seeing photos of successful treatments through before and after galleries. Hire a professional photographer for better photographs that will surely give the right impression and attract new patients.

Reinforce Your Calls To Action
Your calls to action, and the buttons that go with them, are keys to the doors of your dental or medical practice. Strategically designed and positioned, they help prompt people to choose you and your services. To help convert your site visitors to new patients, choose appropriate, clever and catchy calls to action.

Spruce Up Your Online Reputation
Take control, manage or clean up your online reputation. Remember that much of what appears online regarding you or your services, such as a patient’s review or comment, stick around and can impact your practice. Solution21’s Reputation Management System for Dental or Medical Practices is an affordable, dynamic, and efficient patient review management system designed for modern dentists and doctors. Your reputation is the core of your dental or medical practice. Without a reputation system in place, it is easy for patients to leave negative reviews elsewhere online, such as Yelp and Google+. The system helps improve your online reputation and ensure that the positive material about you rises to the top of search-engine results.

Polish Your SEO
Dental SEO or Medical SEO is an important part of spring makeover, if you want your new patients to find your practice or services online. Come up with a list of keywords to optimize that is relevant to your practice and to your patients. If you already have SEO in place, take time to go through your SEO reports and review the analytics to see if there are ways you can boost your traffic or expand your content. Perhaps, you need to expand your SEO and add new keywords to cover your new services. Make sure the meta tags are updated and meets search engine requirements. Social media sharing buttons must be in place to make it easy for your visitors to share your content, which helps spread the word about you and your services.

Freshen Up Your Practice This Spring and All Year Round
These tips are great for spring cleaning and can also be done all year round. A spring makeover should be an essential part of your marketing efforts. It can benefit your dental or medical practice for months to come by providing fresh content, well-organized site and new look to drive new patients to your site.

Need help with your site’s spring makeover? As your partner, Solution21 provides complimentary assessment of your site to provide you with valuable insight and list of things to tidy up on your website. We will be more than  happy to answer any questions you may have and provide digital marketing solutions to meet your dental and medical practice needs.

Start your practice website spring makeover and call us at 888-423-9235 today!

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