Blogging To Help Your Dental Practice


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Blogging To Help Your Dental Practice

According to studies from the Pew Research Center, over two-thirds of web-users have searched for health or wellness information at some point. With this in mind, your dental practice needs to provide more content for them to find. What you provide shouldn’t be limited to just information about your office or services. It should include a range of topics engineered to engage and educate patients. Solution21 provides a wide range of packages to improve your site’s content. Here are some things to keep in mind when creating blog content:

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (or SEO) defines the process of ensuring a site appears high on a search engine to maximize traffic. This is an increasingly important tool in all facets of online marketing, including plastic surgery practices. It is important that when people search for treatments or symptoms that your site shows up. Even if the potential patient doesn’t live locally and isn’t able to visit your Dental office, it’s still useful in increasing traffic to your site so that people who are viable patients can find your site. Solution21 Provides packages to Raise the Amount of Searches your Practice’s Site Appears in.

How Web Traffic Can Increase Your Practice’s Revenue

Clicks are a surefire way to increase the profits of your online journals. By raising the number of unique visitors your site receives each month, you increase your potential revenue through things like affiliate linking. This raises the viewership of your ads and gives more information on your services. Solution21 provides Monitoring Services and Remarketing Packages to help provide your practice with information on how web traffic is affecting your patient intake.

Setting the Tone

A Blog allows you to share your mission statement before you meet your patients. It allows you to show them the standards you hold yourself to. Your blog allows you to set the tone of how you want your relationship to the patient should go. You get to control your first impression. Solution21 offers Design Packages and Helpful Tips and Tutorials to help your practice create an effective blog for your website.

Marketing Through Social Media

No matter what kind of medicine you’re in, social media is a vital part of marketing your practice. Blog content is more easily promoted than an entire dental website. Most advertising is done through social media sites like Pinterest or Facebook. Social media is filled with people sharing articles like “Do You Have Symptoms of Gum Disease?” and it’s easy for readers and potential patients to read and share those. Solution21 offers Social Media Management Services to help promote your practice on all social media platforms.

Supply and Demand

Studies done by the Pew Research Center have shown that only two percent of the people looking for web-based medical advice are willing to pay for it. The way to gain revenue from the other 98 percent is to provide free, easy-to-access content that gives web-users what they’re looking for. Solution21 Designs Easy to Navigate Websites with a Simple and Friendly User Interface.

More Promotional Opportunities for Your Services

A blog can advertise every service that is offered by your medical practice. It’s as easy as writing a blog post telling readers about it. This kind of content allows you to tell your patients what diseases you treat and also can show you to be a trustworthy and consistent source of information which provides you with a trustworthy and consistent source of revenue.

Solution21 is a leading full-service online marketing company based in Irvine, California. We specialize in dental, medical, and healthcare Website DesignSEOPPCReputation Management, and more. Schedule an online marketing consultation by calling Solution21 at (888) 423-9235 or filling out our contact form today.

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