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Top 7 Marketing Strategies for Oral Surgeons

The Internet has effectively changed the way most types of businesses conduct themselves today, and this includes those in the marketing profession. It is important to reshape who you are as an oral surgeon if you want to attract the continual flow of new patients that you need to stay viable in such a competitive field. People today do not just trust any medical practitioner to perform a surgery. They will do their homework, and today this involves a great deal of online research. As such, you will want to make sure that your office is visible online so that you can be found when prospective patients come looking. With that in mind, continue reading to learn the top seven marketing strategies that you can implement today as an oral surgeon.

If you will begin this quarter to implement these seven marketing strategies, you will almost certainly begin to see an uptick in the number of prospects coming your way. If you highglight your attributes and become known for the excellent work that you do, this will result in new patients making an appointment as well. Marketing today is different than it was yesterday, so embrace the strategies contained in this post and reap the positive impact that it will bring to your practice.

1. Know Which Digital Marketing Campaigns Are Working for You

There are a number of digital marketing platforms and campaigns that your practice can be involved in, but not all of them are equally beneficial to you. Instead of trying to focus on all of them at the same time, you will want to use the strategies that bring you in the most traffic. If you notice that one strategy is not paying any dividends at all, scrap it and focus on those that are. Look at the pay per click advertising as a great place to begin.

2. Offer Plenty of Financing Options

In your marketing collateral, you will want to highlight the various financing options that you can offer your patients. Since many individuals will be paying out of pocket for their surgery, you will want to provide as many possible options for them as possible to fit this procedure into their budget. Because this is so important, you can turn it into a marketing strategy that works. If you make it easier than competitors to pay for your services, then you will win over some prospective patients on that basis alone.

3. Use Search Engines to Your Advantage

If you want to get noticed as a practice today, you must start with your website. You need to optimize your content to make it relevant to who you are as an oral surgeon and to include the keywords that people are searching for in your area. If you can do that, your site will appear high in the search engine rankings, and this will result in more traffic as a result.

4. Use Google AdWords to Highlight Your Practice Locally

Google AdWords is an effective marketing strategy for locally based businesses. Because you are not going to be performing surgeries in another state or country, you do not want to focus your marketing efforts globally either. You want to use AdWords to place advertisements online in the places that people locally will see them. When people are searching for an oral surgeon in your city, they will be more likely to see a paid ad that pops up in front of them. This has proven to be highly effective for many medical-related firms.

5. Make an App Specific to Your Practice

More and more people today are using their mobile devices for all sorts of activities. You can create an app for your practice that provides relevant functions to your current and prospective patients. This will increase your marketability and make it more likely that you are seen by the people that matter the most.

6. Email Lists Still Work

Do not discount the power of email. You will want to have newsletters and regular promotional blasts that are sent out to your contact list. Work to collect as many emails from prospects as possible and strive to automate the process. When you send out regular and meaningful emails to your client base, it is more likely that people will remember you when the time come to make use of the services that you provide.

7. Post Digital Videos With Relevant Content

Videos can be educational and informative. They also provide something of value that people coming to your website can walk away with. This is a great marketing strategy because it will enhance your professional stature in the community and solidify you as the expert in the field. If people feel comfortable with what you have to offer, they will be more likely to schedule that appointment.

The right marketing strategies can help endodontists grow their practices and retain more long-term patients. By taking the time to devise the right strategies and building relationships with other dental professionals, endodontists have greater chances of maintaining success.

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