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Important Marketing Tips for
The success of Your Prosthodontics Practice

Many people are not familiar with the term prosthodontics and only find out its importance when they are referred to a specialist by their general dentist. To help make your practice a success, you may want to target marketing to general and cosmetic dentists in your city and wider locality. Your aim is to be the specialist of choice for many of the local dentists when they need to refer patients to a prosthodontist. You need to do everything you can to maximize the number of referrals you get. Here are some marketing tips that will help you achieve your goals.


You may think branding is only for manufacturers of products, but your dental practice is also a brand. It is your brand and you need to make sure your patients and referral network perceive you in the proper way. How they perceive you is the reality you need to control through branding. This applies to your whole team. Once you know how you want your network to perceive your practice, you can infuse the brand image into all aspects of the practice. From the first phone call from a prospective patient, your receptionist represents your brand and must be able to present it through professional dental concierge services.

Contact Your Network

The general dentists in your location need to know that you exist. This means you need to make a concerted effort to establish your name as a leading prosthodontist. To achieve this, you may speak at Study Clubs, join the local dental society and the Chamber of Commerce in your city. Even other specialists, orthodontists, and cosmetic dentists may send you patients who need complex work. Regular emails about your work to your referral network as well as a newsletter will keep you at the forefront of their thoughts. You can mention complex problems that you solved to remind them that you are available when they need to refer a patient.
You may widen your network by including other professionals in your community such as plastic surgeons, fitness professionals, and medical spas. These are places where customers talk about their problems, which may include dental problems. If your services are known, the doctors and staff at these establishments can directly refer their customers to your practice.

Internet Marketing

Start with a fast, easy to navigate website. It should be attractive and give all the information a visitor may look for on the first page. Any in-depth information should be one click away. The text on your site should add value to the reader. If you have a blog, search engine optimization (SEO) is important to get your website a high ranking on search engines such as Google or Bing. A decade ago, keyword stuffing was the main SEO used, but today that will not help. Google knows if your site adds value to the reader. Your keywords should focus on questions visitors may ask about a prosthodontist or the type of services you provide. For example, one blog may be titled Am I a Good Candidate for Dental Implants and another may be What Is TMJ. You can become known as an expert on your specialty and people will start visiting your website to get the information they need on teeth.

Positive Testimonials

Your website needs to have two or three positive testimonials from actual patients on its landing page. You can also have one or two positive reviews on each page. Happy patients will gladly write a positive review and this will have a big impact on first-time visitors to your site. Testimonials strengthen your brand and credibility and new ones should be posted every month or two.

Social Media

You need a social media presence for your practice on several platforms. You can post testimonials as well as blogs, brochures, special offers, press releases and more. When a patient is referred to you by their general dentist, they may take the time to look you up on the web and learn about your values. Your brand will suffer if people have difficulty finding you.’
Along with social media pages, you should be listed in Yellowpages, Yelp and other directories. Make sure the name of your practice, logo, website and other information is accurate, current and the same on all platforms.

Print and Radio Media

The Internet is not the only place people can see your brand. You can reinforce your presence in the community with beautifully designed and well-placed ads in newspapers and magazines. Radio and TV may be a more expensive option, but if done right, it may end up being cost-effective.

Marketing is not necessarily advertising. It also consists of information and brand recognition. If you make the effort, you can become known in your locality as the expert on teeth and oral health as well as prosthodontics.

The right marketing strategies can help endodontists grow their practices and retain more long-term patients. By taking the time to devise the right strategies and building relationships with other dental professionals, endodontists have greater chances of maintaining success.

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