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I am one of the top search engine optimization experts for dental practices in the United States. Today I want to share with you some of the biggest mistakes my competition is making when it comes to providing effective results from SEO strategies. If you are a dental office that has been paying a dental SEO expert or agency for years and are not seeing growth in your business, there is a possibility you are working with someone making these mistakes over and over. Too many dentists are investing in poor dental SEO simply because they are unsure as to how to measure their return on investment (ROI) from their search engine optimization strategies.

Before I delve into the biggest mistake or most “fatal error” in search engine optimization, I should preface this statement with the explanation that dental SEO is not just for anybody. It is a field of website work that requires years of experience and expertise. It requires a professional who regularly follows the regulations set forth by Google and other search engines for what ranks a website as a relevant source of quality information. It requires regular monitoring of changes in search algorithms. And first and foremost, it requires the expert to have experience and knowledge in the dental industry. So many aspects of SEO may be complicated for someone who does not understand dentistry and keep patients from entering your office due to poor strategies.

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The biggest error in dental SEO is poor keyword searches. What does this mean? The core of search engine optimization is “pull marketing.” The goal is to make your website visible when potential patients are searching for a specific string of keywords in popular search engine sites such as Yahoo, Google, and Bing. Their search terms bring forth the “top results” which are often seen as the most trustworthy, authoritative websites. Take for example a Chicago area dental practice. A potential patient may search for “Chicago Dentist” or “Chicago Implant Dentist” or even “Chicago Dental Implant.” All three of these searches require different strategies. This is what makes successful SEO work—the choice of the right keywords and keyword strings.

Some practices, depending on their geographic location, may benefit most from local “long-tail” keywords. These are keywords that consist of anywhere from two to five words that may represent an exact search string. This usually includes a combination of cities, zip codes, or specialties. The right choice of keywords for one dental practice may not work effectively for another—which is why keyword search and determination by an SEO agency is critical to increasing traffic to a dental website.

Let’s revisit the Chicago implant dentist as an example. If you have a lot of time and money to invest, “Chicago Dentist” may be the keyword focus for you. However, in many cases, dentists in the area who have already been plugging money into a dental SEO campaign for many years will already dominate this keyword and the visibility for higher ranking. However, targeting specific areas or specialties may provide better results with less investment. For example, you may want to consider the nearby cities or neighborhoods by your practice, or even target potential patients with a zipcode search. By using the right set of keywords for your targeted area, you may have enough searches and visibility to bring you higher rankings and therefore, more new patients each month.

However, if you are living in a smaller city, say “Papillion, Nebraska,” it may be less effective to use keyword strings such as “Papillion Dental Implant.” Why? The competition is far less in a smaller town than it is with a larger metropolitan area. With the right consultant and investment, more traditional keyword searches may be better for SERP (Search Engine Page Results) because of the reduced competition. The error is caused by an SEO specialist who focuses on the more specific keywords searched for smaller towns because they are missing more general keyword strings that may bring more return on investment such as “Papillion Dentist” instead of “Papillion Dental Implant.”

In summary, choosing the wrong keywords and keyword strings for your dental practice can easily break down your dental SEO efforts. Your SEO strategy will fail because of two reasons: your strategy focuses on high competition for popular keywords or your company avoids general keywords in less populated areas with less competition.

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