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Dental practices commonly employ techniques to drive traffic to their websites known as “dental SEO” or “dentist SEO.” Dental SEO is the strategy used to optimize a company’s website for visitors to easily find and access through traditional search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. These search engines are the connection potential patients use to find a dentist when they are need of oral health care solutions. Dental SEO is used to rank a website higher in the search results, therefor getting more “hits” to the website to convert a potential client into a visiting patient.

Dental website marketing is essential to building a brand and developing a growing, successful practice. Using dental SEO is a great way to bring patients in from an existing website. Without utilizing search engine optimization, a dental website may just display information that may never been seen by a potential patient. Why have a website if you are unable to utilize it in effectively marketing your services? Without dental search engine optimization, your competitors may be taking a dozen or more patients each month from the community with a more competent dental SEO strategy.

Dental SEO Strategies Help Get Your Dental Practice to the Top of Search Results and Generate More Leads


Dental SEO

As a local dentist, it’s important for you to have a strong local search engine presence and appear on the first page of search results, which generates new patients and increases your marketing ROI.
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Mistakes In Dental SEO

If you are a dental office who has been paying a dental SEO expert or agency for years and are not seeing growth in your business, there is a possibility you are working with someone making these mistakes over and over. Read More »

A Good Keyword Strategy

Proper keywords and effective SEO practices are the pathways to a busy, dental office. Get to know the keyword strategies that make a difference as you build your clientele base today.

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Dental SEO Tips

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the key to a successful web presence. If you’re running a dental clinic, however, your SEO tactics should be a little different from the tactics of a retail store or e-commerce shop.

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In essence, search engine optimization may be seen as a popularity content. Search engines such as Yahoo and Google rank websites near the top if they have more relevant content and better keyword strategies. If you want to establish you and your practice as an authority or expert in your community, you will want to apply search engine optimization to keywords such as “orthodontist in Los Angeles” or “dental professional in San Diego.” Search engine optimization can take place of traditional word of mouth in the real world and help draw traffic to your website in the same way a patient can bring in a friend with a positive review. The more votes your website gets, the more authority it develops and the higher it will rank when potential patients search for your practice.

In order for dental SEO to work, it needs to be performed properly and done in a way where it does not hinder traffic with shoddy practices. Not following search engine guidelines can cause a website to rank lower than one that is following the standards to a T. This is where hiring a dental website marketing professional who has experience in providing effective SEO work is essential. A professional with the knowledge and expertise of dental SEO can ensure a website has effective and appropriate backlinks and quality content which can increase website links and ranking with the most popular search engine organizations. Companies such as Solution21 have decades of combined experience in conducting these services and providing clients with the traffic they require to experience increased growth and success in their industry. The investment in quality dental SEO will always pay off, and the investment into your company will be returned with a comprehensive dental website marketing plan. Contact Solution21 today to learn more about proper dental SEO and marketing techniques that can help your business take off!

A Good Keyword Strategy

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