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Many dentists have many misconceptions when it comes to understanding how dental search engine optimization truly works. Below are a few of the most misunderstood aspects of dental SEO that Solution21 would like to debunk!

1) Dental SEO is done once for results

Popular search engine companies such as Google, Bing, and yahoo were developed by internet geniuses who have created automated methods of determining if website content is organic, relevant, and of high quality. This includes watching the backlinking process of a company. If backlinking is done for a few months and ceases, the search engine robots will determine that this was an artificial method of increasing website rankings and lower the relevancy of your website. This is why efforts in short-term SEO marketing work against clients instead of for them. An effective dental marketing campaign requires consistency, continued investment, and regular content growth to provide a steady stream of new patients into the office over several years.

2) Dental SEO fails to work

This misconception often comes from dentists who are skeptical about investing money into marketing on their digital real estate. Having a website alone does not mean potential patients will find it. Maybe you’ve had a bad experience with another dental SEO company and have determined that it is not an effective form of marketing. We understand. However, when dental SEO is done correctly by a professional, experienced team, it can keep another dentist in your area from dominating the market and blocking potential patients from seeing your website and learning about your company. Search engine optimization is one of the top online marketing channels that is used to drive traffic to a company. Social media and email marketing are the other two and can be used in conjunction with quality dental SEO for an effective marketing strategy.

Dental SEO Strategies Help Get Your Dental Practice to the Top of Search Results and Generate More Leads

When patients are searching for a new dentist in the area, they are often utilizing search engines as an alternative to opening up the phone book. If your company fails to use dental SEO, your potential patients are finding your competition instead. Perhaps you worked with a dental marketing agency that didn’t provide you with the results you desired, or maybe another dentist in the community is investing more in dental SEO than you and has been doing so for years in advance. This may be why your efforts have failed if investing in professionals without the experience in increasing ranking in your area.

3) Dental SEO is too expensive

It is common for dentists to feel as though dental SEO is too expensive when compared to other, more traditional channels of marketing. However, this often means clients have not been able to fully measure their return on investment (ROI) from their efforts. A dental SEO professional or agency is expected to execute a variety of tasks that may be incredibly complex. These include:

• Providing research on the competition
• Determining the best keywords for bringing the most relevant traffic
• Optimizing a website for search engines through on-page and off-page SEO
• Effective linkbuilding
• Monitoring and analyzing the results from an SEO marketing strategy

Each of the above tasks takes a lot of time and effort, but the results will not develop without all of these elements in place. Though investing in an agency that specializes in these tasks may seem like a lot of money upfront, the results of these efforts are seen long after you have started marketing online and continue to grow exponentially.

4) Marketing is more effective in a more traditional manner

While there is nothing wrong with marketing on television or in the phone book, you are missing an amazing opportunity for growth by avoiding your website. Other channels may be used effectively for advertising your business, but nowadays many potential patients are looking to search engines as a trustworthy source for finding a new dentist. Less and less consumers are using phone books and checking their mail for flyers and are now turning to the internet when seeking a new professional for their dental health. By not taking advantage of quality dental search engine optimization, you are eliminating a large portion of prospective new patients who are visiting your competition instead.

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