SEO for Dentists What is a Good Keyword Strategy?

A Good Keyword Strategy

Searching for a dentist is comparable to finding that needle in a haystack. There are literally thousands of dentists across the nation, and your practice might be surrounded by several dozen of them. You want to stand out as a dental professional, especially when it comes to online searches. Proper keywords and effective SEO practices are the pathways to a busy, dental office. Get to know the keyword strategies that make a difference as you build your clientele base today.

Start With Geographical Data

A good, keyword strategy today often begins with geographical data. Search engines tend to list local businesses first because many consumers are still looking for simple services, such as a nearby dry cleaner. Think about the cities that you serve, including any suburbs. These geographical locations should be on your website along with appropriate clarifications, such as a “Seattle cosmetic dentist.” When consumers start their searches tomorrow, your practice will pop up on the first page.

Consider Search-Engine Research

Proper SEO practices also include current trends. Go to your search engine, and type in some common words for your industry. In essence, put yourself in your patients’ shoes. Associated keywords will arise as you type in certain words and phrases. Make notes of the information that pops up because it directs your efforts toward better website content. It’s a fact that the words will differ every day as you research deeper and deeper.

Brainstorm About Your Business

Take stock of your business’s specialties. You might work with seniors, kids or surgical candidates. Add these keywords to your website, such as “San Antonio root canal surgery.” Consumers are incredibly savvy when it comes to the Internet today. They’ll type in more than just a “dentist” in a particular city. They want specialty help, including orthodontia or tooth removal. By catering to these specific needs, your website will be more visible with each subsequent search.

Use Keywords and Phrases

It’s critical to use both keywords and phrases as you fill out your website’s content. Each word doesn’t have to be an island. Phrases are critical tools that will help you stand out from the dozens of other local dentists. Consider the “best dentist in Lakewood” or “wisdom tooth expert” as a few of your phrases. The entire website can’t be a mishmash of phrases, but incorporating them in a natural way will only improve your online results.

Focus on Your Experience

You’ve worked hard for your degree so show it off by adding it into your keyword phrases. “Princeton-educated professional” or “top of the dental class” phrases are also prime additions to any website. Your patients are looking for educated individuals who can give them the best care. Don’t discount the importance of adding your college, years in business or other pertinent information to the site. More hits will occur on your website when you let everyone know that 20 years is the length of your practice, and loyal patients continue to seek you out.

Place the Keywords Naturally

Many websites used to employ the cloud method where keywords and phrases where consolidated into a corner of the page. Search engines are much smarter today than in the past, however. Their algorithms seek out keywords and phrases that are placed naturally in the text. Read over your website’s paragraphs so that you can get a sense of the sentence flow. If you have keywords dotting nearly every line, the natural flow is interrupted. Alter the text to see better search results in the future.

Don’t Forget Ailment Searches

As you perform your own keyword research, pay attention to the related searches that arise at the bottom of the first page. Phrases and concepts that you may have overlooked could be right in front of you. Use these related searches to refine your website’s content. The flow of ideas surrounding your dental practice is greatly improved when you pay attention to society’s top needs.

Pay Attention to Related Searches

This is one of the most important steps of all. Even if your website is popular with patients, it will fall from grace with search engines if it doesn’t have a steady stream of content being uploaded to its pages. This is because SERPs take recent activity into account when they formulate their rankings, so in order to stay relevant to the system, you’ll need to keep making blog posts or official announcements. Keep your content fresh.

As you focus on the best keywords, don’t forget that updating your information is just as important as placing those phrases in the right paragraphs. Every few months, update the site with a new language, images, and videos. Every search engine recognizes these changes as a well-maintained site, which leads to higher rankings and increased online visibility in the future.

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