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Optio Dentistry Patient Education

Patient education is proven to reduce dental anxiety by helping your patients to understand their upcoming treatments. With Optio Dentistry videos for your website and in-office apps, you can make educating your patients a breeze.

On your website

With Optio Dentistry you can make your website a resource for patients and increase treatment acceptance at the same time.

Add the full video library to your website or add individual videos to your services pages to help explain complex dental procedures. Share videos with patients and their family members to help them to understand procedures and the importance of maintaining regular oral health. You can also use the videos to market your practice and services and to drive traffic to your website.

Our video player looks great on any website and plays on any device. Plus it’s easy to add Optio Dentistry to your website using our developer guide with pre-written code that will work with any type of website development.

In your office

Get access to the same videos in office with the Optio Dentistry app for Windows or iPad. Show videos to patients during a consultation or review a slideshow presentation with them as you explain the procedure. The app integrates with the video player on your website allowing you to send links directly to your patients – so they can watch the video again on their own time.

iPad App

Download on the Apple Store

Download Optio Dentistry for your iPad from the Apple store.

Windows Application

Download the Windows App

Download and install the Optio Dentistry Windows application for your laptop or desktop computer.

Types of content

Our patient education videos cover a range of topics from family and cosmetic dentistry to orthodontic procedures and home care. Optio Dentistry is designed to answer your patient’s questions about treatment options, procedures and oral health. All videos are reviewed by dentists and dental hygienists before they are released to ensure accuracy and to reflect the high standards you expect from Optio Dentistry.

Loads of Features – One Low Price

For a limited time add Optio Dentistry to your practice marketing and get all these great features for just $39/month (regularly $49/month):

A variety of general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry and orthodontics videos to answer your patient’s questions
Free app downloads for iPad or Windows for in-office use
Chairside consultation slides so you can review treatment options in your own words
Easy video sharing options so you can send your patients home with the information they need to make treatment decisions
Mobile-compatible video player for your website
Embed codes for individual videos to enhance your services pages
Access to new HD video content as it’s released

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