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Custom Orthodontist Website Design with marketing fundamentals at its core to attract and engage your patients

We produce custom Orthodontic website designs for orthodontists with usability and functionality at the forefront. More and more prospective orthodontic patients turn to the Internet to search and find their orthodontist, so it is critical that you provide the right impression with a professionally designed and developed Custom Orthodontist Website. Your visitors are left to judge your practice’s credibility by the appearance of your web site. At Solution21, we deliver a visually appealing and highly functional website that portrays your practice in the right context and keep your current patients, and draws in new patients.

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Custom Orthodontist Website Features

We integrate interactive features that will make your website highly useful for you and your patients.

Call To Action Button

Effective Call To Action (CTA) buttons that lead your visitors to your defined target of site conversion.

Appointment Request Form

Easy appointment request form that your patients can access directly from your website.

Contact Forms

Lead capturing contact forms to convert your visitors to new patients by making it easy for them to initiate contact with your office.

Icon Set

Custom icon set based on your practice and branding for better visual cues and for a more personalized look.

Best Online Marketing Tactics for Orthodontists

People, who need orthodontic treatment, don’t know what to expect. They probably know they may need braces of some kind, but not know that there are many different types from which to choose. To attract new patients, an orthodontist needs a marketing campaign that drives new patients on a regular basis. Since professional oral health care personnel may not be super tech-savvy, he or she needs help. Here are some of the best online marketing tactics for your orthodontic practice.

1. Updated Website

Slow-moving websites with stagnant information will send a browser on his or her way in less than one second. Today, your website has to load fast, display perfectly on any device or operating system, and be easy to navigate. If your site doesn’t load perfectly on a smartphone, it needs to be upgraded immediately. It should also have a live chat. Many people only use companies and services with sites that have a live chat. Consumers can get real-time answers to their questions, which is much better than waiting for the answer to an email or even making a phone call. If your website is behind the times, your potential customers will think your practice is also old fashioned.

2. Anchor Post Blog

A blog that anchors your website is your chance to tell the world that you are the expert they need. You are targeting people who are already looking for your services and your blog can be engaging and show your expertise. Website SEO today is about content, not multiple keywords. Of course, keywords are still important, but they are not the driver anymore. Keywords need to be relevant because Google’s algorithms can tell the difference between keyword stuffing and relevant content. Only when a website adds value to the reader will Google give it a high ranking.

3. New-Patient Specials

Everyone likes a discount. It’s human nature. Giving new patients a discount or reduce the cost of certain procedures is a sure-fire way to attract more patients. You can give a flat amount discounted for certain types of braces, offer free whitening when the braces come off, and bundle services for a lower price than each individually. New-patient specials need to be prominently displayed on your website and promoted on social media pages as well as Google AdWords and Facebook Ads.

In order to convert inquiries into new patients, the first contact they have with your practice must be positive. This means your receptionist must understand how to handle phone calls and convert them into booked appointments. If you aren’t sure about your staff, make sure they get training and follow it to the letter. These are a few of the main ways you can improve your revenue by attracting new patients

4. Get Positive Testimonials

Satisfied patients will be happy to give you a positive review. Some of the popular review sites for dental, orthodontic and other medical professionals are Healthgrades, Yelp, Google+ Local, Yellowpages and Yahoo Local. You need good reviews to attract new patients. Public opinion means everything to people looking online for whatever they want. It is important to get new five-star reviews every month, even if it is only two or three. This will gradually make you one of the most trusted orthodontic practices in your locality. In addition, make sure your listings on these sites are current and that the name of your practice is consistent on all listings.

5. Inbound Backlinks

Inbound backlinks significantly influence your organic rankings. Along with valuable content, inbound backlinks are used by search engines to determine the authority of your website. If you have more authority, you will get a higher ranking. While more backlinks are good, the number is not the only important thing. The links must be relevant to your practice. Random links will not give the same results. The links must be from trusted sources.

6. Social Media

If you do it right, Facebook is one of the top places people look for dental and orthodontic practices. Along with an active Facebook page, you need to target your specific audience. Orthodontic practices usually target parents, but with more and more adults opting to get braces, you need to convince them too that you are their best option. Paid advertising on Facebook can be directed to your demographic such as parents of young children or cosmetic concerns of adults.

Google AdWords is another advertising platform that covers the biggest website in the world. If your site is among the top four results, you will be selected by the vast majority of searchers. You may choose to reach people within a certain radius of your practice. If someone is looking for an orthodontic practice in their locality, your practice will appear and they may even have the opportunity to book an appointment.

Powerful Add-Ons

We successfully integrate powerful custom add-ons or interactive features for advanced usability and functionality on your site to boost your staff productivity. We integrate Solution21 system with several back-office and third party applications for improved and secure practice management automation. These are all tools that will make your website highly useful for your patients.

Orthodontist Website Design - logo design

Logo Design

We create unique and memorable logo that represents your unique practice brand and resonates with your patients, for use on your website, social media profiles and for print and digital marketing.

fillable online forms
Fillable Online Forms

Reduce your patient waiting time, improve your staff efficiency and productivity and capture leads with Solution21 secure and HIPAA compliant fillable and submittable online forms.

Patient Education videos

Patient Video Education Libraries

We integrate third party video platform to help educate your patients.

A beautiful website means nothing until it is found

Our skilled marketing and SEO team has helped hundreds of dentists improve their online visibility. SEO and marketing tactics change all the time – we are always on the cutting edge to bring you more visibility, and more patients. Improve your online presence and generate new leads for your orthodontic practice with Solution21’s Custom Orthodontist Website Design, SEO, and Marketing.

What Is Dental SEO?

To become more visible on the internet, it is essential for practices to utilize dental SEO. SEO, which stands for “search engine optimization,” is a specific method of techniques utilized in getting websites to rank higher on search engines such as

Dental SEO Services

How to Rank Higher in Orthodontist Search Result?

The first key to successful marketing is being where the people are. This is not only true of offline marketing, but of online marketing as well. It’s no secret that the king of all search engines is Google, which hosts billions of searches every single day and more than 1.2 trillion searches every year. In fact, Google has become the go-to source for rapid information about local businesses, long-ago surpassing the phone book and other antiquated sources.

Every day, more and more people are using the Internet to search for businesses – including dental care providers like orthodontists. Imagine a parent is searching for a pediatric orthodontist in Los Angeles. She would probably go to Google and type in a search phrase like, “pediatric orthodontist in Los Angeles” or “Los Angeles children’s orthodontist.” That phrase would return a list of local results for pediatric orthodontists throughout the city and surrounding areas.

In most cases, the list contains just three or four results, with an option to click forward and see more. However, those practices that rank at the top of search results are most visible, meaning the majority of potential patients are likely to contact those offices before exploring less visible competitors. So how do you make sure your own orthodontic practice is among the top local search results within your city? The truth is Google is constantly changing its search ranking algorithms to create a better experience for the user.
However, there are steps you can take to increase your chances of outranking your competitors.

1. Reviews

Reviews are important to people who are searching for a service or product. Google seems to give significant weight to reviews – particularly those provided on their own platform. If your practice is lacking in positive reviews, encourage your patients or their parents to ‘check-in’ at your office and leave a quick review during their next visit. Many are more than willing to provide excellent feedback when they are satisfied with the quality of their care and the office experience.

2. Quality Content

Content is and always has been the cornerstone of a high-ranking website. Google is reluctant to send a user to a website that is simply regurgitating or even plagiarizing content found elsewhere on the web. Instead, you need exclusive content that is unique to your practice. It should always be of value and attempt to answer a question or address a concern. Whether in the form of a written article or a video blog, make sure the majority of your content is educational and not just a sales pitch for your services.

3. Quantity/Frequency of Content

Quality content is important, but so is quantity. It is not enough to create a brand new custom orthodontic website and let it get stale while it sits online. Though it may still generate some traffic, it is unlikely to perform as well as it could if you were to frequently update it with fresh, new, and relevant content. If you pay attention to most of the top websites on the Internet – including those of some of the biggest brand names in the world – most include blogs that are regularly updated with new and engaging articles, videos, and posts. If they’re doing it, you probably should be, too.

4. SEO Keyword Optimization

Next up in orthodontic website SEO is keyword optimization. Most dentists and orthodontists know this is an important part of search engine rankings, as you generally want to include keyword phrases in your website that you would like to perform well for in Google search results. However, many orthodontists try to rank for the wrong terms. Some are highly saturated and very competitive across most markets. That is why we suggest also optimizing your site with what the industry calls, ‘long-tail keywords’. These are phrases that are less frequently searched, but are also less frequently targeted. That greatly increases your website’s chances of being found for a particular search result versus your competitors.

5. Quality Links

Finally, we come to the quality of the links going to and from your website. Google seems to give preference to websites that contain content that is frequently shared or linked to through social media or to/from other websites with immense credibility. For example, if visitors consider the content on your website good enough to share via social media, it’s a sign that you might have something more to offer than others in your field. It is this social interaction that can significantly affect your orthodontic website’s rankings in search results.

Improve Orthodontic Search Engine Rankings with Solution21

At the end of the day, we know you are busy. Not to mention, Google’s formulas change so much, it is difficult to keep up with the best SEO practices as they evolve. Instead of spending your time working on your website, let the team here at Solution21 help you improve your local search results. Call us today to schedule your consultation. We look forward to serving you soon.
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