What Are The Benefits of Having a Custom-Built Website Design

7 Benefits of Having Your Dental Practice Website Custom-Built

Out-of-the-box solutions have made it easy for anyone to slap up a website in a day. However, generic doesn’t do it when you’re trying to serve your customers and distinguish yourself from other service providers. Custom dental website design is a worthy investment with an ROI that pays dividends over time.

Read on to learn 7 advantages of appealing custom web design:

1- Establishes Your Web Presence and Authority

Simply having a website doesn’t do much to give you a true web presence. A custom-built website uses SEO and other tools to make you more visible and distinguish you from other, similar businesses. This is especially true if your web designer utilizes local SEO as part of your overall web design and marketing strategy. Local SEO is an often underused strategy that …

any brick and mortar company should be taking advantage of. A custom website can be tailored toward your individual business to provide a clearer picture of what you have to offer patients. Including a blog with industry-related posts or offering information to educate the public about oral health care will help establish your authority in the industry, which builds trust and loyalty. Since your website may be your first point of contact with your patients, professional web design also makes you look more professional in the eyes of the public.

2- Improves Search Ranking

When your website is designed by a professional, it’s more likely to be tailored to meet search engine requirements using the most up-to-date criteria and best practices. The quality of your content also tends to improve. One of the main criteria that search algorithms monitor is the quality of the experience for visitors to your website and the freshness of your content. A web design that is contemporary, unique, and easy to update on a regular basis will help you meet the ever-evolving metrics of search platforms and improve your ranking organically.

3- Provides Added Value

Custom web design allows you to include elements that are specific to your business, like providing online patient forms, enabling appointment scheduling capabilities and creating an interactive patient forum. Your patients and prospective patients can also get to know you and your staff while learning what your practice has to offer.

4- Keeps Patients Informed

Informed patients feel like they’re part of the process instead of being nameless, faceless entities. Customization features like mobile community. For example, a family looking into relocating to your community can learn about your practice before their move. The same goes for out of town visitors or those searching for a new dentist.

5- Broadens Your Market Share

The same features that improve your search ranking and keep your customers in the loop will also broaden your reach beyond the local ever more important. Partnering with a web design company that stays up-to-date on SEO best practices is perhaps the single most important action you can take to increase traffic to your dental website.

6- Solidifies Your Brand

Professional web designers can create a unique logo or incorporate your existing logos across all of your marketing platforms. They can also coordinate colors, signage, layout and other features to foster a sense of cohesiveness and providing a unified face that establishes your brand in the public mind. Solidifying your brand makes your practice instantly recognizable, which makes the public feel more comfortable and establishes trust.

7- Saves Time, Hassle and Money

While better serving patients is the main goal of any dental practice, no business will turn away from saving money or increasing efficiency, especially if it help them provide better service. Even if you or someone on your staff is fairly tech-savvy, having your web platforms and presence established and managed by professionals will free your time to do what you do best.It’s also less costly, time and money-wise, to let a professional take care of design, management and upgrades from the start than it would be to pay for someone to fix a broken or inadequate website. If you opt for a free web build or go the DIY route, there’s also a chance that you will be locked into a format that can’t be easily changed or upgraded. That can lead to having obsolete or inferior technology, cause problems with the reliability or your website and give users a bad navigating experience.

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