Facebook Introduces Workplace – Formerly Known as Facebook at Work


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Facebook Introduces Workplace Formerly Known as Facebook at Work

On Monday, October 10th, 2016, Facebook released a collaboration tool now available for use by businesses and organizations called Workplace by Facebook. Workplace by Facebook, previously referred to as Facebook at Work, is an internal app that has been used by Facebook employees for several years to help everything run smoothly. Over one year ago, Facebook decided to begin testing this app as a tool for others to use.

At this point in time, over 1,000 organizations worldwide have been using Workplace for Facebook, developing almost 100,000 groups in countries such as the United States, France, India, Norway, and the UK. The levels of engagement by these companies is exciting, and large companies such as Booking.com, Starbucks, Oxfam, YES Bank, and Danone have been utilizing this collaborative tool to communicate not only between the desks of an office but with employees on the road or out in the field working away from their computers. Staying connected is important for companies in today’s fast-paced business world, and Workplace by Facebook is making it happen. This amazing app has helped these organizations keep in touch, and now, it is available for use by any group who is interested in collaborative solutions to stay connected.

Features of Workplace by Facebook

Workplace by Facebook brings together the best of their social media app and incorporates business elements that can be used for easy communications with colleagues anywhere in the world, allowing for Facebook Live presentations with CEO’s or virtual brainstorming in a real time group chat. Companies can integrate Workplace by Facebook with their current IT systems and enjoy the benefits of an analytics dashboard which allows top executives and employees to see how the groups are performing over time. Facebook has also rolled out Multi-Company Groups, which allows various organizations to collaborate between companies safely and with optimum security. This particular portion of Workplace by Facebook is still in beta but will be rolling out to all customers over the next few weeks.

Pricing and Benefits

Workplace by Facebook is an application that is free for non-profits and educational institutions, though conventional businesses are charged per active user per month following the free three-month trial. Prices range from $1-$3 per user depending on the size of the company. Benefits of Workplace by Facebook include:

• Integration with Okta, OneLogin, G Suite, Ping, and Windows Azure AD
• Secure collaboration
• 1:1 administrator support
• Live video streaming
• Unlimited storage for photos, files, and videos
• Unlimited number of groups for projects and teams
• Single-sign on and Active Directly support
• Progressive pricing options
• No long-term contract or commitment

Workplace Partner Program

Additionally, Facebook has developed the Workplace Partner Program, which allows for professional businesses such as Deloitte to help companies get started with Workplace by Facebook. These trained and approved partners can work directly with organizations to help them access the app and get started using it to transform the way they communicate within their company. This in turns makes organizations more productive, stronger, and more informed between departments and titles, regardless of geography. Learn more about Workplace by Facebook by visiting their site at workplace.fb.com or facebook.com/workplace.

Facebook Workplace Partner Program

Source: http://newsroom.fb.com/news/2016/10/introducing-workplace-by-facebook/

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