FAQ – Is my dental practice website out of date?


FAQ - Is my website out of date?

It is never too soon to evaluate the freshness of your dental website. At the speed the internet evolves the average design, with few exceptions, can start to look ‘dated’ in as few as 2 years. However the most important aspect to evaluate is the technology and functionality of your site. Here are 8 signs that it’s time to update your practice website.

Top 8 signs your dental website is out of date

Does your site look out of date?

First things first; Open your web browser and visit your website. Try to look at it with fresh eyes, or better yet, find someone who can give you an honest, unbiased, opinion. Compare your site to your biggest competitors. A personal favorite: Visit Awwwards and see the sites that are winning awards today. Is your site starting to look stale yet?

Does your current website represent or reflect your current brand?

Many companies evolve their brand over time, dentist offices are no exception. Have you remodelled your office? Updated your logo?

Providing a consistent brand image is important for patient user experience. If your website doesn’t sport the latest version of your logo and color palette, or doesn’t align with your current brand message, it is time for a revamp.

Is your website responsive?

The way potential patients access the web is rapidly evolving. With the advancement of mobile devices, and the plethora of different screen sizes out there, if your web site can’t ‘adapt’ to deliver your precious information to your patients when they need it, you are losing out to those who do. Read more about responsive web design in our previous FAQ »

How easily is your content updated?

If your dental website isn’t already being managed by Solution21: What do you do when you want to update text, images or even navigation on your site? Do you need to hire a 3rd party to accomplish this? Do you need to know HTML/CSS, and how FTP clients work in order to make a basic change? Most of our current sites are being deployed with WordPress, making creating, updating, organizing, storing, and sharing content really easy. Our support team is always here to help. Updating the content of your dental practice website is important to your patients and also to search engines. If it’s too difficult to do, then something has to change.

Is your site built in Flash?

For many important reasons, Flash’s use as a tool in Web Design is on it’s way out – If it hasn’t already ‘left the building.’ Search engines typically cannot read information presented through Flash, and An estimated total of 94 million iPhones were in use in the US at the end of March, and not one of them supports flash. Don’t worry though – HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript can do just about anything that Flash could, and they work across all platforms.

Is most of your text content in images?

This is an important one. Are your headings or, even worse, your body text contained in images on your site? Not only do these additional images slow down your site, it can create an unfortunate user experience for your patients using mobile devices or even your disabled patients. Neither screen-readers nor Google can read the contents of an image. If Google can’t tell what your site is about – it won’t do as well in searches.

Welcome to our site!

If your homepage has generic text message such as “Welcome to our site” and then a large amount of copy about your company, your experience, vision statement, etc, on your homepage, then it is time to rethink your content. Patients may be in pain! They need to be able to find your important information quickly. Making them read through a generic message about your staff to find it will not endear them to you.

Does your site have a Splash Page?

Again, have some compassion for your patients in pain. Splash pages usually take a long time to load and provide little to no navigation options — except to “enter the site”.

If it’s main purpose is to merely impress, chances are it doesn’t even do that anymore, and maybe driving away visitors.

If your site suffers from any of the above issues, it may be time to start looking at a new dental website design or overhaul. If you have any questions or are looking for a qualified web development partner to get you started on your project please feel free to contact us.

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