How to Design a Website that Converts Visitors to Patients


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How to Design a Website that Converts Visitors to Patients

Doctors spend their days helping patients address their oral health needs. The last thing they need on their plate is to spend hours each week building, monitoring, and optimizing their website for search engines. However, in today’s society, potential patients are visiting websites to connect with possible practices for services. The time spent building an effective website for your practice can help expand business. If you’re looking to find out the basics in web design and optimization before hiring a reliable SEO company such as Solution21, here are a few tips for converting your visitors to patients!

Design basics

Building your brand on a website is one of the most important aspects of online marketing. You want to have a unique website that acts as a tangible resource patients can access any time of the day and night to learn about your practice, schedule their first (or consecutive) appointment, or read updates about your business. There are several aspects to consider:

  • Graphic design optimization – your website must be pleasing to the eye. Visitors are looking for beautiful websites that are clean, easy to navigate, and aesthetic. However, pay close attention to website loading times.
  • Content optimization – optimization experts also focus on marketing strategies related to the content. Content must be easily scanned by websites to be found by search engines, so pay close attention to headers and numbered lists on each page.
  • Cross compatibility – today’s society is using a variety of devices to access the internet, more so than ever before. Instead of just making the website easily accessible from a desktop computer or laptop, the website should also be cross-compatible with mobile devices such as phones and tablets.
  • Conversion optimization – the idea behind building an effective website is to turn prospective patients into customers. Conversion optimization strategies are often used to achieve this, whether it be linking them to a social media account or encouraging visitors to sign up for an e-newsletter for exclusive information and savings.

Internet marketing strategies

Once the website has been developed, it needs to be found. Internet marketing strategies are employed to ensure potential patients can find the website to visit it. Internet marketing strategies used to achieve this include search engine optimization (or SEO) and social media optimization.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO campaigns should be in place at all times to build hits on a website for your practice. Without optimizing the site for search engines, the website will not rank in the top search engine sites such as Google and Yahoo. This is where most visitors find their way to local practice websites, so it is an essential part of building a business. SEO is used to draw an audience to a website where potential conversions will occur. SEO includes using specialized keywords in quality content, building backlinks to a website, and ensuring all HTML code provides the information necessary for a search engine to rank.

Social Media Optimization

Another online marketing strategy is that of social media optimization. Social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter are often free channels that can be used to boost visits to a website. Website developers often utilize Share buttons on website content to encourage readers to post to their social media sites. Every practice should have a presence on social media sites to provide real-time interaction with their current and potential patients—building trust and recognition.

Get Started Now!

Using the information provided here, take another fresh look at your current website and consider the changes that can be made to boost your online presence, and your profits!

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