The Importance of Social Media for Medical Professionals


Social media plays a huge part in the current marketing landscape. Author Seth Godin says that “Marketing is no longer about the stuff you make, but about the stories you tell.” What does this mean? Well, in today’s day and age, marketing is about giving content that relates and communicates something relevant to themselves and their own experience. Social media is based around sharing posts exactly like that. That’s why it’s such a valuable tool in marketing campaigns in today’s day and age. Solution21’s social media management services assist your practice and help your practice.

With the internet, all businesses have become much easier to research before committing to a choice on whom they prefer to give their money to. Likewise, social media has become a good place to read up on that business. The amount of customers who go to a company’s social media page before giving them their business has been increasing in recent years, with some surveys putting the number as high as 60%. Obviously, people are more careful when picking their doctor, because, let’s face it, your choice in doctor is more important than your choice in restaurant or where they buy their shirts. A strong social media presence puts your practice at such an advantage when it comes to trust patients are willing to put into your practice. If you’re struggling to get started, Solution21’s Social Media Management services provide your practice with account creation and offers consultations on that front.

What Are the Potential Patients Looking to See on Social Media?

Good question, doctor! The simple answer is that people want posts that are relevant to their own experience. Often this means content that addresses their relevant concerns or that the professional in question feels like a friend of theirs. Social media also allows you to show that you are responsive to patients on social media. Answering questions and responding to patient concerns can help your practice. Showing your practice to be responsive and trustworthy does a lot for your practice, and social media is one of the best ways to show that your practice is worthy of it.  Social media also allows you to start a conversation with your patients. Ask questions and get their feedback and perspective on decisions. Take polls of your audience. If you see an opportunity, join relevant conversations. Finally, be sure to give the basic information patients may need to make appointments easily accessible from your social media page. Include your hours, phone number, and website so that patients find the information easily accessible from whatever platform they find you on.

Additional Social Media Management Tools

Solution21’s Social media management services provide your practice with many different tools. We offer branding and custom graphic design to help give your practice an edge visually. We offer reputation management services to protect your practice from negative reviews from having as severe an impact on your practice. We offer account creation and management and manage your social media calendar. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

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