Important Tips for Advertising Your Medical Practice


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Important Tips for Advertising Your Medical Practice

Whether you’re looking to expand your current practice or are on the ground floor with a new one, it is important for a clinic to fully understand the most effective ways to advertise their medical practice. Obviously with a medical service, the local market is going to be your ultimate focus. Use some of the below suggestions to help broaden your advertising campaign and reach the largest audience yet!

Consider your target market

Practices who offer treatment for patients of all ages still have to market to a specific demographic. A great example would be a pediatrician who would want their site to be family friendly, colorful, and attractive to parents of young children. A sports medicine professional may prefer a sleek, more professional look to target athletes who need specialty care.


This day and age, accessibility through various platforms is key. Make sure your website has both a “desktop” and “mobile” version and can be accessed without any problems through both. A mobile website should be more streamlined and offer the basic information with less code for faster load times. This makes them easier to access for potential customers using a tablet or a mobile phone.

Strong SEO is still important

Search engines utilize certain algorithms when it comes to finding websites and ranking them in importance when someone makes a specific search. Make sure you work with a quality company who provides search engine optimization services, as this area of marketing can be extremely complicated and require essential techniques for the best results. Companies such as Solution21 can help!

Key buzzwords

When it comes to developing keywords for search engine optimization, it is also important to consider the keywords in your website content. Use positive words to boost a potential customer’s view of you and your services. A medical professional should avoid buzzwords such as “painful” or “uncomfortable” and instead use upbeat alternatives such as “relief” and “recovery.” This automatically triggers good thoughts about your company instead of negative thoughts.

Utilize online databases

If there are any local websites that list businesses such as third-part review sites, a digital “yellow pages,” or a newspaper’s website, ask about having your medical organization added to the directory. Oversaturation is not a concern when it comes to your local markets, since all clicks lead to website traffic that can boost your clientele.

Social media is essential

Social media has exploded in popularity, whether it be Twitter, Pinterest, or Facebook. Utilizing these resources is key, especially when millions of people around the world are using it. Tap into the market and create social media accounts for your company. Regularly post discounts and health reminders from the comfort of your own office to bring in free business.

Strengthen the importance of your location

When you are in the process of registering domain names to link to your current website, consider location. This means adding your location, or the nearest largest city, into your URL. Think about options such as or This not only strengthens the message as to where your practice is located, but can greatly improve rankings on search engine sites such as Yahoo and Google.

Use a newsletter

E-mail newsletters have been around for quite some time and can still be a great marketing tool. While they are not the best in attracting new patients, they are great for retaining existing ones. This is because they are a reminder to keep the clinic at the forefront of one’s mind while building a sense of reliability and trust in your business.

Run regular promotions

Freebies are a great way to bring in new patients, especially if you have a promotion or special pricing that caters to new patients. Offer these promotions for a limited time to create a sense of urgency, and utilize it to market your business at the same time. Be sure to post these deals online on your website and social media accounts to generate buzz!

Make your own viral content

While sometimes the creation of viral content is strictly luck and timing, consider making something for your business that has the potential of spreading like wildfire on the internet. Viral phenomenons can attract a huge amount of press and exposure, but figuring out the formula for something that goes viral has yet to be established. Create something fun and fascinating, share it online, and see what happens!

Consider guest blogging

Being a medical professional means that you are considered an expert in your field. Establish that by offering to be a guest blogger for popular websites or even offer an interview for a local newspaper column. For example, if you are a pediatrician, consider asking any “mommy bloggers” in the area if they are interested in doing an interview regarding a popular topic such as getting regular immunizations or what to expect at certain “ages and stages.” This is practically free promotion of your practice at the same time!

These are just a few tips to consider when looking to spread the word about your clinic. When you’re ready to boost business, think about some of these options and take the time to make some of them work for you and in your favor. Marketing both online and offline is a great way to establish an advertising campaign that works on a number of platforms.

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