Long-Tail Search: The New SEO for Dentists

What is Long-Tail Keywords?

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The term “long-tail” refers to the distribution curves in statistical graphs where it looks like a long tail. Unlike single and two-word keywords, long-tail keywords are longer and more descriptive.

With your dental practice SEO, you learn about the importance of producing relevant content to help improve your ranking, traffic and generate leads for your website. By having a better understanding of long-tail search (see image) and doing keyword research, you will know that “dentist” gets a tremendous volume of traffic, but is highly competitive and expensive. The words “cosmetic dentist” get slightly less traffic, but is still extremely competitive. As you move down the graph, you move into keywords that are more descriptive, but they also contain buying signals and are much less competitive and easier to rank for, such as “affordable modern cosmetic dentist in Irvine.” Long-tail keywords don’t cost much, but efforts must be made to include or embed them in your dental practice website pages.

Long-tail keywords renders itself well with more website content that is original and constantly updated and blogging. The more content you have published online, the greater the chance of your dental website pages will be found by your potential patients.

How can long-tail search help dental practice SEO

When developing content for your dental practice website or blog, the keywords you choose have a significant impact on how your current or potential patients and other visitors will find you. This is made possible through search engine optimization (SEO), which involves selecting the best words and phrases relevant to your dental practice to drive traffic to your website or blog.

Long-tail search includes more than three words in a search engine. With more targeted search and increased focus on your practice, you get better traffic to your website or blog and the probability of potential patients finding you online is much higher. According to the article “The Long Tail of Search: Are You Ignoring Most of Your Traffic?”, long-tail searches, although voluminous and challenging, are very rewarding and profitable because it’s less competitive.

Long tail searches often reflect higher buying intent, meaning someone who searches for “most affordable invisible braces in downtown Boston” is more likely to convert than someone searching for “orthodontics”. For your dental practice, this means finding the key phrases that not only reflect the services you offer, but grouping them in a more logical way and in a way that online potential patients may possible group them. For example, If a patient is looking for information on braces, they might choose other keywords such as clear ortho, clear teeth braces or ClearCorrect. In your blog or webpages, you might want to include the phrase, “Family orthodontist offering affordable invisible braces in Boston downtown area” in your copy. This does not only provide detail about your dental practice, it also helps with your organic ranking and improves your chances of getting found by potential patients.

Things to have to capture long-tail searches

  • Have an “Ask the Dentist” with a contact form where visitors can send their questions regarding dental or oral health issues. Or you can have an FAQ page, with in-depth answers to patients questions on your site.
  • Have a page on your website containing  a glossary of dental terms
  • Create and maintain a blog, which is the best tool for optimizing your dental practice website for long-tail searches. Boost traffic to your site by strategically structuring your articles and incorporating key terms or phrases such as treatment types and your location. A blog also offers the opportunity to add fresh, high quality content which Google will reward. We blog on behalf of our clients- dentists, doctors and medical professionals- who are strapped for time with timely and highly optimized posts.

At Solution21, we provide your dental or medical practice with the right SEO solution that is highly customized to enable you to capture long-tail web traffic without being mired in the nitty-gritty of optimization. We can blog on behalf of our clients- dentists, surgeons and medical professionals- who are strapped for time. We post highly optimized and relevant topics.

We create highly optimized posts discussing topics relevant to your practice. We understand the search term distribution and know the advantages of targeting not just the head, the chunky middle and the long tail. If you would like an analysis of your current search campaign to see if these important factors have been taken into account, please call Solution21 on 949-556-9180.

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