Marketing Techniques to Consider for Cosmetic Dentistry Practices


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Marketing Techniques to Consider for Cosmetic Dentistry Practices

With the continued popularity of cosmetic dentistry, many more practices are beginning to offer it. This makes it continually more difficult to get your own practice to stand out from the competition. Marketing methods need to become more strategic in order to get results. We will discuss a few tips to consider when it comes to marketing your cosmetic dentistry practice.

Change your branding efforts

Brand identity is everything. It is the way in which you are portrayed to the public. Branding efforts may need to be reconsidered to appeal to the right demographics to attract the right customers. Take a look at your logo and slogan, and if they are outdated or don’t stand out, it may be time to recreate them. Get your team together and brainstorm on ways to rebrand your practice. Think about what your patients may be attracted to and the image you want them to think of when they hear your practice name. Build a slogan and logo that are memorable and start putting them into action. Use these on all correspondence including invoices, business cards, and stationary, and incorporate them into any advertising you currently have in place, whether it be broadcast or print form.

Consider the market target

Targeting the right market is essential when it comes to bringing in cosmetic dentistry patients. You want to consider the media they consume and what characteristics they may have. In the past, most cosmetic dentistry patients have been women who are seeking aesthetic treatment that is not covered by health insurance. Dental practices should consider the platforms available to reach these women and utilize them. Find out the more affluent areas of town and consider mailing promotional materials to this community. Find social media platforms that often attract these types of consumers.

Get your practice out there

By making your practice an expert source, patients may be attracted to you and your offerings. But you have to get your practice out there. Position your practice in the market by booking your professionals on local media programming, writing blog articles, sending out content to local newspapers, or promoting journal pieces from you or your staff.

Media retention

In order to retain information, people need to hear it many times before it sticks. This means that a cosmetic dentistry practice should consider multiple types of promotions to really get their name out there. The more promotions available, the higher the chance of advertisements being encountered regularly. Consider all options for marketing including team sponsorships, billboards, radio spots, television advertisements, and publication layouts. Make sure all of your social media sites are prominent including Facebook and Yelp profiles.

Brand the atmosphere

If your practice offers an upscale spa feel or provides state-of-the-art devices, it is important for you to brand this atmosphere as well. The way you brand your atmosphere may make or break your clientele. Be sure to have a relaxing, comfortable environment for your patients to step into when they visit, and ensure they have access to Wi-Fi, refreshments, and other comforts of home that may make their appointment a little less clinical and a lot more relaxing.

Give back

When you give back to your community, you often get much more in return. Dental practices should make sure they take time to “do good” and be there for the people in their city. Philanthropy is a great addition to traditional marketing as it gets your staff working together for the greater good. These types of campaigns benefit worthwhile causes and can improve your overall advertising efforts. There are so many opportunities for your practice to build a positive image while also bringing your staff closer.

Update online presence

In today’s market, it is important to maintain a quality website. This is often the first place potential customers will look to find out more about your business and offerings. If necessary, hire professionals such as a webmaster, graphic designer, or a search engine optimization team to ensure your site is up to par and ready for internet marketing strategies. You also want to offer information about the technologies used in your practice, easy appointment scheduling right from the site, or the ability to view personal records. All of these features can make it easier for patients to connect with you and your practice. Many marketing agencies such as Solution21 can help you build a website that works for you and improves traffic flow of new patient leads.

Collaborate with other businesses

Working together with other companies is a great way to build business. Local businesses may offer complementary services to yours. Build connections with other businesses in the industry of beauty, nutrition, and fitness. Trade information and work with them to build special ad campaigns which offer combination discounts.

Now that you have several ideas on your mind for strengthening your marketing reach, start making some of them work for you! Within no time at all, you will begin to see your practice thrive!

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