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Some of the details about medical SEO practices are misunderstood. These four misconceptions can lead medical professional to lessen the positive results of any SEO efforts.

#1 – A One Time Effort is Sufficient for Medical SEO Success

Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines experience constant updates and tweaks to the methods used to determine which website has value and which does not. The experts who work there want to deliver the best quality search results to people who use the engine, so they are constantly striving to focus on naturally good sites rather than those that are artificially boosted into position. This requires an on-going SEO process that builds gradually no matter what changes the search engine people throw at the internet marketing world. Think of the difference between getting a huge collection of backlinks in a month and then stopping versus having a more realistic number of backlinks appear in a more natural fashion. To the search engines, the first looks like link spamming. The second looks like people finding your quality content or experiencing your service and linking to your site naturally. Persistence, ongoing investments, and patience are the keys to a successful medical SEO strategy.

#2 – No Medical SEO Techniques Really Work

After failing to see any substantial change in website traffic or an influx of patients even after you used some other supposed SEO expert, it stands to reason that you may begin to believe medical SEO simply does not work. This is just not true. If you give up, there are plenty of other doctors with SEO teams that understand the right way to do things moving up the ranks to the top search results for their keywords.

The three top marketing methods for online promotion are email marketing, social media marketing, and search-based marketing, which encompasses both search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM). This holds true no matter what industry or specialization you are involved in.

More people search on the major engines like Google for new medical professionals or other service providers than any other form of research these days. Medical SEO is therefore essential to capturing their attention. Perhaps the agency you used before was not up to date on the latest methods, or did not perform their duties like they said they would. Perhaps other doctors in your area simply have more time and money invested in the process and the competition is too fierce. The right SEO team delivers results and can counter any problem that arises.

Medical SEO Strategies Help Get Your Medical Practice to the Top of Search Results and Generate More Leads

#3 – It Takes a Huge Amount of Money to Get Quality Medical SEO

Marketing costs money. There is no way to get around that. However, search engine optimization is by far one of the most cost effective ways to generate more site traffic and business overall. Proper analyzation of the SEO effects and the return on the investment should show that this is true.

You might ask exactly what you are getting for the price you pay. A medical SEO agency encompasses a vast array of knowledge, expertise, and ability to perform all necessary tasks to help you succeed. These include:

● Proper research of competitive keyword phrases
● Analysis of keywords for relevance and efficacy
● On-page website optimization using code, tags, and other methods
● Development of link building strategies and their application
● Collection of data and analysis to determine the best way forward

Every task above and the many more than quality SEO experts do requires time and specific knowledge. Anyone who understands the complexity of optimization tasks and the excellent results that can be achieved will not hesitate to invest in the process.

#4 – Medical SEO is Unnecessary for a Traditional Doctor

Old-school, small-town, traditional doctors of all types may balk at the idea of having a website and using high-tech optimization methods to attract internet audiences. Ignoring these things, however, means you miss out on a huge potential for growth and profits. Slow growth may be your goal, and that is your choice, but the fact remains that most people search for doctors online these days.

Other marketing efforts, such as direct mail or local advertising, can work well, but the people you reach there may not be the same you can reach online. People get their information from a diverse selection of media formats these days. Some would never trust Google with something as important as finding the right doctor, while others think print advertising are nothing more than junk mail sent by the unscrupulous. Figuring out which group is larger or which you should target more diligently depends on many factors. The fact remains that these groups do not overlap, and they both include people who need a physician or specialist. Ignoring medical SEO greatly diminishes the chance of attracting an ever-growing patient list.

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