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Medical SEO requires an ongoing investment in your website and off-site backlink strategies. Determining if the process is worth it requires a long look at the return on investment (ROI) you receive from the medical marketing efforts.

Three possibilities exist after a person finds your medical business website. One, they could click away and never contact you. Two, they can make a one-time appointment and never come back. Or three, they can become a lifelong patient who uses your services for many years to come. A recent study claims that the average length of time a patient remains at one doctor’s office varies widely from three to ten years. This depends largely on local competition and region of the country. Medical practice is a repeat business-focused industry, which makes medical marketing investments a long-term affair. No immediate return should be expected. Failure to market effectively, however, can lead to no profit opportunities at all.

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A medical practice has many associated costs. You need to pay rent on the office space, utilities, and overhead, employee salaries, and other expenses. All of these bills come due every month regardless of how many patients make appointments. The first, second, or even tenth patient may not get you out of the red. The more patients you attract with medical SEO, the greater your chances of sufficient profit to not only pay the bills on your physical location, but expand or boost your standard of living. You may want to know exactly how many new patients will come with medical SEO marketing.

The number of patients who call for an appointment depends on many factors: location, area of expertise, doctor reputation or experience, convenience, and competition in the area. Medical SEO affects this also, but with a long-term process with complex strategies that push your online presence into the top spots of search engine results pages and build recognition in the local community of people who seek medical care. Competing medical offices who also understand the power of quality optimization and are willing to continue the investment may push others out of those coveted spots. In order to claim them for your own medical office, you need the help of a team who understands the best processes.

Solution21 does just that. We want the opportunity to use our knowledge and experience with medical SEO to improve your site’s search engine page rank and increase its stream of interested traffic. Contact us right away to learn more about what we can do for you.

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