Custom Bariatric Website Design

Bariatric surgery website design with marketing fundamentals at its core to attract and engage your patients

We produce high-quality custom bariatric website design for surgeons with usability and functionality in mind.

The number of prospective patients turning to the Internet to search and find their healthcare providers are on the rise, so it is important that you provide the right impression to your online visitors with a professionally designed and developed custom bariatric website design. Your visitors are left to judge your bariatric practice’s credibility by the appearance of your website. We deliver quality custom bariatric website design and development with great attention to fine detail, ensuring your practice is portrayed in the right context to help keep your current patients confident and draw in new patients.

At Solution21, we seek to build strong relationships with our customers, helping to build your bariatric and healthcare business with skills and precision. We have been a leader in custom bariatric website design industry for over a decade. Our expertise includes optimizing bariatric websites for search engines (SEO) and marketing bariatric websites online. We also provide managed hosting to our clients. And because we also offer bariatric print design services we can ensure the quality of design across all your promotional literature and branding.

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Custom Bariatric Website Features

We integrate interactive features that will make your bariatric website highly useful for you and your patients.

Call To Action Button

Effective Call To Action (CTA) buttons that lead your visitors to your defined target of site conversion.

Appointment Request Form

Easy appointment request form that your patients can access directly from your website.

Contact Forms

Lead capturing contact forms to convert your visitors to new patients by making it easy for them to initiate contact with your office.

Icon Set

Custom icon set based on your practice and branding for better visual cues and for more personalized look.

Top Website Marketing Tips for Bariatric Surgeons

Medical practices today face a lot of competition. There is an increasing need for the best surgeons to provide a wide variety of procedures, so you need to constantly be on the top of your game in order to appeal to as broad a patient base as possible. You can be the best bariatric surgeon in the region, but you will lack new patients if you cannot effectively market your practice. That must take place in a vastly different medium than it did a generation ago. Digital marketing is where your focus today needs to lie, as people are increasingly turning online to gain the information they need to make informed decisions. With that in mind, continue reading to learn about the top website marketing tips that you can implement in your bariatric surgery practice today.

Begin a Pay Per Click Campaign

Part of elegance involves looks. While you might not think this is important when it comes to a website, it really is. People want to like what they are looking at. In fact, the typical person will decide within the first two seconds of arriving at a website if they even want to stick around to give it a look. You need to captivate them on that initial visit. Focus on graphics that really stand out and look great. If your pictures are out of focus and your text bleeds into the background, you will lose your prospects. You might be the best periodontist in the area, but it will be all for naught unless your site is visually appealing.

Buy Google AdWords Credit

You will also want to consider purchasing some Google AdWords credit. This is a way of marketing your practice to Internet users around you locally. When a search is made for anything related to your practice, you will be able to prominantely display your marketing message on the right side of the results screen. This makes it far more likely that people will see you and click on your website to learn more information. These will be people who are already looking for a bariatric surgeon in your area, so the potential to convert that lead into an actual patient will be higher than with other marketing strategies. You will also not be paying to send your advertisement to people located outside of your area, making this a far more effective use of your marketing budget.

Perfect Your SEO Strategy

If you really want to get your website noticed, you will need to have an effective search engine optimization strategy working for you behind the scenes. It does little good to have a great and polished presence online for your practice if prospective patients have no way of actually finding you. One of the more effective forms of digital marketing involves people finding you as they conduct a search on the Internet. When individuals search for your type of practice, they tend to use a certain combination of keywords. You want to make sure that your site contains those very keywords, and that your content is regularly updated. This is how you will eventually get noticed by the major search engines in use around the world. When that happens, your site will be more likely to appear near the top of the page as the listings are displayed for the individual conducting the search. This will drive unique traffic to your site.

Develop Effective Communication with Patients

You also want to use your website to engage current and prospective patients in a conversation. Remember that your website is likely to be the first point of contact that many people have with your practice. Make it user-friendly and open up a dialogue with them. You can do this in the form of regular blog postings that allow for comments, an online chat feature where people can talk to a member of your staff, and so much more.

Provide Relevant Information on Your Website

Make every aspect of your website count, from the graphics right down to the text. You want to provide individuals with the information that they need to decide whether or not you are the right bariatric surgeon for you. You can do this by making your website relevant to all who visit.

In today’s competitive medical marketplace, word of mouth advertising will not suffice if you want to sustain the type of long-term growth you need to be viable. Given the nature of a bariatric clinic, you must constantly be on the lookout for new patients. The most effective way to do that today is by making use of technology in the form of digital marketing. Following the principles outlined in this post will go a long way towards helping you achieve your goals.

Powerful Add-Ons

We successfully integrate powerful custom add-ons or interactive features for advanced usability and functionality on your site to boost your staff productivity. We integrate Solution21 system with several back-office and third party applications for improved and secure practice management automation. These are all tools that will make your website highly useful for your patients.

Dental practice logo design
Logo Design

We create unique and memorable logo that represents your unique practice brand and resonates with your patients, for use on your website, social media profiles and for print and digital marketing.

fillable online forms
Fillable Online Forms

Reduce your patient waiting time, improve your staff efficiency and productivity and capture leads with Solution21 secure and HIPAA compliant fillable and submittable online forms.

Patient Education videos
Patient Video Education Libraries

We integrate third party video platform to help educate your patients.

A beautiful website means nothing until it is found

Our skilled marketing and SEO team has helped hundreds of dentists improve their online visibility. SEO and marketing tactics change all the time – we are always on the cutting edge to bring you more visibility, and more patients.

Improve your online visibility and generate new leads for your bariatric practice with Solution21’s Custom Bariatric Website Design, SEO and Marketing. Please contact us at 949-336-7575 or fill out the form below for a FREE website design consultation.

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