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Online Medical Appointment Scheduling Software

Online Medical Appointment Scheduling Software

Designed for modern dentists and doctors. Scheduling is at the heart of your dental or medical practice. Without an appointment system in place, it would be impossible to stay organized, plan your day, accommodate emergency patients, and deliver exceptional service.

Solution21’s Patient Appointment Management System offers the most intuitive way to organize your schedule, with top features that streamline patient scheduling for your providers. It’s also much simpler and easier to use than other scheduling software. With our Patient Appointment Management System, you’ll never have to purchase an appointment book again or strain to read handwritten details. It also ensures fewer errors than spreadsheet or word processing systems. Patient Appointment Management System is accessible to everyone in the office at the same time, making your patient scheduling system more efficient than ever.

Solution21’s Patient Appointment Management System has many customizable features, giving you more control so you can work with your patient schedule the way you want.

Highlights of Solution21’s Patient Appointment Management System

 Schedule appointments for multiple providers

 Automated appointment reminder by email or text messaging

 Keep your patients from missing schedule

 Reduce no show or missed appointments that costs thousands per year

 Reduce manual data entry

 Search for the best appointment times

 See medical, financial and appointment status at a glance

 Customize daily, weekly and monthly schedule views

 Quick search, find and change appointment

 Export information to your practice management software

 Invoicing and online payment enabled

 Saves time and money

 Increase office productivity and efficiency

 Enhance patient experience

 It’s affordable for even the smallest practice

 Saves time and money for great ROI

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Online Appointment Scheduling

We have all benefited from technology and so have businesses. One of the benefits of technology today, is the ability to manage and simplify tasks. Among the industries that have benefited most from the advancement of technology is the medical and healthcare industry. If you are a medical practitioner, then you already know how technology has led to growth in your industry.

An example of positive influence on technology is telemedicine. Telemedicine has helped to save lives for patients who may not have easy access to medical facilities. Giving physicians the ability to see and talk with patients remotely, gives them the ability to detect early warning signs of serious illness. While patients enjoy easy access to health specialists and other medical caregivers.

Health practitioners are using Appointment Scheduling Software to better manage their client appointments. Typically, a patient will call the provider to book an appointment. If the receptionist is too busy, the caller may need to wait on hold to schedule the appointment. By adopting modern technology and utilizing an online appointment system, you can allow the patient to book their own appointment online or through the automated phone system. Simplifying the process and saving time for the employee, allowing them to work on other important tasks.

Why you need Medical Appointment Scheduling Software

Increases the productivity of the staff:

According to Solution Reach, it takes about eight minutes on average for a staff member to schedule, reschedule, or cancel an appointment with a single client over the phone. If the staff member deals with about seven clients through-out the day, an entire hour is lost. This leads to wasted time and loss of production.

To prevent this, you will need to install Medical Appointment Scheduling Software that will automatically schedule meetings with your patients. The software can also send reminders to your patients about their appointments, so that they do not miss their scheduled appointment. This software will help to free up time for your staff so that they can focus on the patients as they arrive at their appointments.

Minimizes staff distractions:

Did you know that it takes a human being an average 23 minutes and 15 seconds for them to refocus on the original task after being distracted? If you need your staff to perform and offer higher quality of service to your patients, you need to minimize any unneeded distractions. Among the common major distractions is a phone call from a client who wants to schedule or cancel an appointment.

It is important that you get rid of such distractions because they may lead to costly errors and mistakes that may negatively affect the performance of your business. Online medical appointment scheduling will provide an easier, faster, non-distracting method of handling appointments with your patients.

Decreases expenses:

Paying someone to handle the scheduling of your patients can be costly. For maximum performance of the health practice, you need to figure out ways to cut back on costs while maximizing the performance of your staff. Medical scheduling software is what you need, it will not only respond to clients who want to book appointments automatically but also improve the productivity of your staff.

Increase engagements with clients:

Most patients find it too time consuming to book their own appointments. In some cases, patients fail to receive medical care simply because they could not find the time to schedule an appointment with their doctors. This has led to development of chronic illnesses, which could have been detected early, if only they had scheduled an appointment. With our medical scheduling software, clients will be comfortable booking appointments online. The software allows clients to fill the necessary forms online, check your appointment status, choose a day when you are available and book the appointment.

Improve client loyalty

Our medical appointment software will help improve service and grow your brand because of the simplified process of scheduling an appointment. This is because the online appointment software will not only book the appointments but also send out reminders to the clients a few days or hours before the appointment by phone, text, or email. This will keep your patients informed, they will appreciate the genuine care for their health.


We have seen how online appointment scheduling can save your medical practice money. However, there are initial costs that you will incur in order to install the medical appointment software and incorporate into your business. You will also need to train your staff on how to use the software. Luckily, most people will find it easy to use so the learning curve is minimal.

Security issues

Unfortunately, no technological advancement comes without potential security issues. Our medical scheduling software can still be vulnerable to cybercriminals who may access and use the information that your patients share with you. Solution21 will ensure that the software is secure to avoid illegal access of your health system where all patient health data is.

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