Pay-per-Click (PPC)

Growing your online presence for your dental or medical practice has become essential in today’s digital world.

PPC paid advertising is one of the most effective digital marketing methods for driving highly targeted audience to your dental or medical website. It puts your listing right in front of your potential patients when they search for your services.

PPC is a viable marketing channel for your dental or medical practice, but it’s not easy. PPC is ongoing and must be constantly refined to continue generating leads, driving traffic and revenue to your practice. You need to partner with PPC experts with a proven track record of delivering positive results. Successful PPC requires collaboration between you, as an expert in dental or medical field, and the PPC specialist, who is an expert in pay-per-click campaigns. Working closely together can result in revenue-generating PPC campaigns.

Key Benefits of PPC

✶ You Only Pay When Interested Potential Patients Click Your Ads

Compared to traditional offline advertising offline, where you don’t know if it reached or engaged your targeted audience, PPC lets you know specifically where your ad budget is going and you only pay when potential patients click your ad.

✶ You Can Set Your Ad Budget to Control Cost and Save Money

With PPC, you set your ad spend and put a cap on it according to your budget and needs. It’s flexible and can be lowered or raised any time. Depending on how competitive the keywords are in your local area, you can’t really see any huge impact on your ROI if you are not willing to spend on generating leads for your dental or medical practice.

✶ You Can Target Specific Location and Delivery Time

PPC allows you to create a specific ads to reach your target prospective patients in a specific place at a specific day, along with device-specific preferences. This means you can reach your target patients at a time when you know they are looking for your services in your area.

✶ You Can See Immediate Results

PPC campaigns can show results much faster than traditional offline advertising and organic search traffic. PPC campaign can be launched right away and it’s possible to start seeing results, as far as website traffic and conversions are concerned, the very next day.

✶ Your PPC Strategy Can Work with Your Other Digital Marketing Strategies

Combining PPC with other digital marketing solutions, such as SEO and Remarketing, can be very powerful. It provides your practice immediate and long-term results in the paid and organic search, attracting more prospective patients, expand your reach and brand recognition, and greatly increase your profits.

Expert PPC Management Services

At Solution21, we are often asked by clients whether it is more effective to do the PPC campaign management themselves or whether it is better to partner with digital marketing companies like ours that provide PPC management services. Certified PPC experts have much greater depth of knowledge and experience in running successful PPC campaigns.

Solution21’s PPC management services are designed to increase your return on investment (ROI), improve patient acquisition, and generate brand awareness for dental and medical practices. Our team has broad experience in online advertisement on all ad platforms (Google AdWords, Facebook, Bing and Yahoo) to create effective PPC advertising solutions for dentists and physicians that will resonate with your target audience, increase conversions and, ultimately, maximize your profitability on all platforms: Google AdWords, Facebook, Bing and Yahoo. The key is finding a long-term PPC partner to help you grow your practice.


Certified PPC Experts

Grow your dental or medical practice with the help of trusted and certified PPC Experts. Let Solution21’s team of PPC specialists manage your online paid advertisement so you can focus on your patients and running your practice.

Keyword Research

The cornerstone of every successful PPC campaign for dental or medical practice is keyword research, which involves choosing, acquiring and organizing the best keywords that your potential patients are most likely to search for.

Compelling Ad Copies

Compelling, well-written and optimized ad copies make for strong and effective PPC campaigns. The essential elements of PPC ad copy structure include key features, benefits and call to action. The better the PPC ad copy, the greater the chance of higher click through rate (CTR).

High-Converting Landing Pages

Landing pages that are packed with actionable conversion features play an indispensable role in PPC campaigns. Marketing-driven landing pages that have content that resonates with potential patients can convert site visitors into patients.

Hands-On Bid Management

Unlike other PPC agencies, we don’t rely on automated bid management tool to regulate our clients’ accounts. At Solution21, our experienced PPC experts effectively monitor our clients’ pay-per-click accounts daily, managing ad spending and monitoring keywords performances.

Conversion Tracking

Conversion tracking is crucial to running successful lead-generating PPC campaigns for dental and medical practices. It provides important metrics regarding view through and clicked conversions that help PPC experts determine the success of your PPC advertisement.

PPC Consulting

Central to Solution21’s PPC Management services are the experience, extensive knowledge of search marketing, and certifications of our PPC consultants. Through these, we are able to deliver effective PPC solutions to dental and medical practices.