Plastic Surgery AdWords

Position your plastic surgery practice on top of search results for targeted keywords

Plastic Surgery AdWords Campaign to Generates New Leads and Grow Your Practice

Plastic surgery AdWords campaigns or PPC (Pay-Per-Click), when developed strategically, bring your practice immediately to the forefront in online searches. We look to produce measurable results, with a dramatic ROI. You are in the driver’s seat, and we work closely with you to create a strategy for how, when, and where your ads will show. Our custom approach allows us to target a specific niche audience – yours.

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Keys to a Successful Plastic Surgery AdWords Campaign

To make the most of a plastic surgery AdWords campaign, it requires a strategic approach. Every detail of your online marketing initiative is monitored closely, including bidding for target keywords and the development of high-converting ad copy. Every successful plastic surgeon AdWords campaign involves creating the biggest impact for the lowest cost. We care about your bottom line.

Step One: Creating Your AdWords Account

Our team sets up your AdWords account, including campaign names, ad groups, your daily approved budget, and by specifying keywords and geographical areas to target the right audience for your practice.

Step Two: We Create a High-Impact Ad Campaign

We take on your campaign with the goal of producing new patients for your practice. We create strategically written headlines, descriptions, and URLs.

Step Three: We Design a High-Impact Landing Page

Your new patients are out there, and our team of pro designers gets to work to create a landing page that appeals to the right audience. These landing pages are a critical piece in getting your AdWords campaign to perform for you while creating a positive impact on your Google Quality Score to help reduce the costs per click through, and your ad position.

AdWords for Plastic Surgeons: Campaign Creation and Management

At Solution21, we like to help our plastic surgeon clients succeed. For campaign setup and keyword analysis (including identifying negative keywords), design, and setup of one customized landing page. Please contact us for campaign management and optimization prices.

A beautiful website means nothing until it is found

Our skilled plastic surgery marketing and SEO team has experience above and beyond the usual. We have helped hundreds of medical professionals improve online visibility and ranking. SEO is not a static field, and is constantly evolving and changing. We stay ahead of the curve to help our client become visible online – and get new patients.

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