SEO Strategies for Doctors

We will help make your medical or dental practice easy to find online with high organic search ranking.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the long-term strategywe use to get your practice website listed and ranked organically by top search engines Google, Yahoo, Bing and more. As a local dentist or doctor, it’s important for you to have a strong local search engine presence to win new patients and build your dental or medical practice. It is likely that you have local competitors, and this is where search engine visibility can provide your practice the marketing boost it needs to breakaway from the competition and succeed.

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SEO Strategies for Doctors

Our SEO strategies are carefully engineered to help you get found online and generate more leads for your practice. We give your site the right content, backlinks, inbound and outbound links, and optimization so you get found by qualified prospective patients and convert them to paying patients. Our SEO is delivered in two key phases:

SEO Phase 1- On-site Optimization

The first phase of our SEO strategy is to make on-site optimization recommendations by reviewing your website and your other marketing initiatives and conduct competitive research. Next, we will use keyword research tools to determine how local audience is searching for the dental services that you provide. Once we have chosen the most relevant two to five keywords for every page of website content, we will localize the keywords using the city, state, city and state, and neighborhood in which you are located. We will then naturally implement these localized keywords and keyword phrases into your existing content and meta tags for each page.

Keyword Mapping- Using dedicated tools, we can suggest the most effective keyword variations to use across your site to optimize it for local searches. Choose the locations and services/specialties that you want patients to be able to find you by in the search engines. We will pick the most effective keywords.

Geographic Ranking– We use our time tested method of keywording and submitting your site to ensure it is optimized to achieve the best possible results in search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Site Architecture Planning- We’ll help improve your search rankings by assisting with the structure of your website, ensuring it’s laid out in a clear and logical manner

Call Tracking- This is an important internet marketing metric for offline conversions, providing accurate information on what campaign is driving the revenue.

Traffic and Search Engine Analysis- Make sense of all those graphs and statistics when viewing dashboards within Google Analytics.

Off-Page Optimization- We will get you the relevant links that help catapult your practice to the top of organic rankings with your keywords.

Press Release- We create interesting and relevant press releases with your practice, your audience and optimization in mind and we distribute them to the right channels.

Local Directories- We submit your site to relevant local directories so you get found in all the right places.

Site Architecture Planning- We improve your local search rankings by laying out a sound structure for your website, ensuring that the information about your practice is laid out clearly and logically.

Site Analytics- We will help you understand, analyze and assess you site performance with the help of graphs and statistics through the Google Analytics dashboard. Our software tracks all of your keywords and shows you when they are showing up on the first page in Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

SEO Phase 2- Ongoing Link Building

This phase is the most important part of our Advanced SEO campaign as it makes up about 85 percent of your ranking success. Link building involves strategies that add value to the end user, your patients, and are sustained over the long term. Below you will find out link building strategies that will help you achieve long-term top SEO ranking.

Custom Article Writing- Writing quality articles is critical for driving natural incoming links into your practice website, such as educational, health tips, how-tos and case studies.

Blogging- Using a blog on your website is a great way of building internal links to the pages you want to rank highly for in the search engines. We will create custom content and post them on your blog with contextual links to your top services. Aside from internal linking benefits, blogging keeps your website fresh.

Social Bookmarking Sites- Posting articles to your blog is great start, but promoting them online will help build exposure to your articles. Sharing your articles on social bookmarking sites will put them in front of millions of people each day.

Article Directories- We improve your local search rankings by laying out a sound structure for your website, ensuring that the information about your practice is laid out clearly and logically.

Become A Guest Blogger- We connect you with relevant blogs in your industry or community and offer to write them a guest blog post, resulting in a massive exposure to your own site just by guesting on another blog. We include a contextual link back to your website within the body of the article.

Integrate Link Building Into Your Service Offering- We skillfully integrate link building into your service offering whenever possible.

Submit Your Site To Website Directories- We get your website listed in local directories, high-value paid directories and high authority directories to help your rankings.

Join Associations & Memberships- Many industry and professional dental and medical associations and membership organizations include a page on their site with a list of members and a link to their websites. Depending on the organization you join this page can be very valuable from an SEO perspective.

Give Testimonials- If you have recently bought a product or service and are honestly happy with it, then you can contact the company and offer to give them a testimonial and include a link back to your website in the testimonial. Aside from the legal implications of giving false testimonials in exchange for a financial benefit, your credibility will be severely impacted if you give false testimonials.

Add More Relevant Pages To Your Site- The more pages you have on your site, the more PageRank you will have and the more internal links you will control. A blog is a great way to add more pages on your site, but you can also add more standard web pages to your site as well, creating web pages focused on specific keywords, services or products.

Create A Viral Marketing Campaign- A viral marketing campaign is a form of link bait, but it goes the extra bit further by being so amazing that people who are exposed to it pass it on to all of their friends. Rather than getting links straight to your site, your viral marketing campaign will travel around the Internet on its own building exposure to your company and brand.

Submit Press Releases- If you have something about your practice that is newsworthy that media outlets will be interested in publishing, we will submit a press release online for you and get the new out there. We will also submit your press release to your local newspaper or magazine for better exposure for your practice online and offline.

A beautiful website means nothing until it is found

Our skilled marketing and SEO team has helped hundreds of dentists improve their online visibility. SEO and marketing tactics change all the time – we are always on the cutting edge to bring you more visibility, and more patients.

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