Social Media Marketing FAQ

What is Social Media Marketing (SMM)?

Social Media Marketing (SMM) focuses on generating links, interacting, connecting, and sharing content with your current and potential patients through social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Blog and Pinterest. SMM is utilized to network and nurture relationships with your present patients and build relationships with your prospective patients. It’s also used for brand recognition and awareness, increase your reach and connect with a larger audience. SMM cannot be used alone to gain traffic to your website. SMM must be utilized in conjunction with your overall search engine marketing (SEM) efforts. should be used to network with your audience and to build relationships with potential customers. Use Social Media Websites correctly, and you will have the chance to build name recognition, increase the reach and awareness of your brand, and connect with a large audience through enhanced digital word-of-mouth (WOM).

What are the components SMM for dental and medical practice?

The key components of SMM are Integrated Blog, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Integrated Blog, Pinterest, and Promotions.

  • Blog- Blogging gives your practice an effective way to share information that educates your patients, promotes your practice and services, keep your patients updated about exciting new developments regarding your field of specialization and your practice.
  • Facebook- Facebook is an integral platform for individuals to connect and for your practice to reach new and existing patients.
  • Twitter- Twitter is highly utilized for sharing quick and focused updates and relevant information, connect with patients and your peers.
  • Google+- This is Google’s social sharing, which is similar and just as powerful as Facebook. Google+’s sharing features are proven to drive traffice to your website, increasing your online visibility in the network’s integrated search results as it positively influences Google search results.
  • YouTube- This video networking giant  is the second largest search engine in the world. About 100 videos are said to be uploaded every minute and 4 billion videos are viewed every day. By posting videos of patient testimonials, treatment demonstration or office tour, your practice can harness the marketing power of YouTube.
  • Pinterest- This pin board and bookmark kind of photo sharing site drives referrals to your practice more than the other social networking combined.  Users can create them-based image collections, including favorite events, interests and more. Your practice may pin valuable content than can resonate with your audience, such as before and after treatment photos or items such as “Top 5 Habits to Keep Your Teeth Healthy” or “Top 10 Food to Eat to Keep Your Skin Glowing” or “Foods to Eat to Keep Your Weight Healthy.”

How do I know if SMM is right for my practice?

Unless your demographics or patients don’t use computers or any mobile device and are not active on social media, it’s highly likely that your practice will benefit from SMM. SMM provides your practice an opportunity to promote your practice and services across different social media platforms, increase your reach, and brand awareness and interact, connect and share valuable information with your  current and potential patients.  You can tap SEM experts at Solution21 for a free consultation to find out your practice marketing needs and requirements.

How do I get started with SEM?

You can do it yourself, and it involves a lot of learning and research. If you need more information, you can download our Free Social Media Marketing White Paper and reading our internet marketing blog. But the easiest and quickest way to get started with your practice SEM is to contact Solution21

What is the ROI of SMM for my practice?

Return on investment for SEM is complex and can be measured in various ways: patient retention, new patient acquisition, lead generation, increased case acceptance, added practice equity, clicks, revenue, promotions, etc. It all depends on your SEM goals. To track and measure your ROI for SEM, you need to determine your practice goals so you know what factors you’re measuring. Reach, traffic, leads, customers, goodwill and conversion rates are the metrics. SMM is sustainable and considered the digital word-of-mouth, which increases referrals and generates top-of-mind awareness. Overall, it greatly contributes to the overall valuation of your practice. It may take time for your SMM efforts to connect with your visitors and build relationships with current and new patients. However, SMM remains an important strategy for your practice because your patients are active on social media.

How is Solution21 SEM different?

At Solution21, we’ll make sure your social media presence is universal across the web so that your patients will always be able to easily recognize your practice and services. We create custom backgrounds and align them with your practice branding. We optimize your social media pages to outshine the competition. Your Solution21 Social Media Account Manager will function as your social media and public relations coordinator and will work with your practice to create custom social media calendar to schedule posts and materials to engage patients with ongoing posts, promote testimonials, enhance word-of-mouth referrals, highlight your specialized services, promote your practice with incentive-based special offers. We will work closely with you to create meaningful campaigns that will keep your patients and followers engage and interested in your practice and services.

Why would I choose Solution21’s SMM services?

Based in the heart of Southern California, Solution21 is focused exclusively on providing search media marketing services to dental and medical practices, including cosmetic surgeons, neurosurgeons and ophthalmologists. Solution21 serves over 1,000 clients ranging from start-ups to well-established medical practices and facilities. Solution21 generates leads and measurable return-on-investment (ROI) for clients by developing world-class digital strategies rooted in a unique background that combines expertise in website design, internet marketing and online marketing strategy consulting. Visit Solution21’s Testimonials to read what clients say about Solution21 and view our Portfolio.  Moreover, Solution21 offers flexible pricing for custom website design and internet marketing services, based on your practice objectives, requirement and  timelines. Visit Solution21’s Packages & Features for pricing structures and features lists.

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