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What can a custom website design do for my dental or medical practice?

More and more people, young and old, are turning to the Internet to search for their healthcare provider. A custom website is designed and developed with your practice reputation, lead generation and user experience in mind, which guarantees your visitors the best user experience. This makes it easy to convert them into new patients. The first thing anyone sees when they open a website is the design. If your website looks cheap or poorly designed then chances are the user will choose to look at your competitor’s website. Your website is your 24/7 office online. How you present yourself on your website says an awful lot about you and your practice. Therefore, it’s critically important that what you display looks good as it is a reflection of you and your practice!

What should I look for in a web design company?

The design company should have proven experience, education and expertise in delivering custom dental and medical websites. It should provide you an Online Editor so you can manage your own content on the fly. A good website design company must also offer flexibility to allow you to make changes on the fly when a brilliant idea relevant to your practice strikes. Last, but not least, the design company should have a reliable Customer Support and Service department to help you manage and keep your website current.

What makes a custom website design good?

A good website drives high-quality new patients to call your office for their first appointment or inquire about your services. That is the only true measurement of a good website. The right elements must be in place: the right color palette that reflects your office, good typography for readability, an intuitive layout and navigation for usability, prominent call to action (CTA) buttons and an appointment request form, to name a few. Our custom websites are aesthetically appealing to help convert your visitors to new patients.

Can I build my own custom website for my practice?

Of course you can. The question is really not whether you can build a website on your own or not, but whether you have the time to do it. After all, you’re a dental or medical professional, not a web designer, and you should rightly spend your time focusing on what matters most to your practice: your patients. To make the most of your time, it pays to trust experts with experience in custom dental and medical website design and development to help you achieve the best website to help your practice grow.

Can I manage my own website?

Yes, you can manage your own website’s content with our our Online Editor by simply logging into your myWebAccess account. Even better, you have our Customer Support and Services team at your disposal to help you manage your practice website and ensure it stays current. You can simply call the direct Hotline 949-336-1889 or send your updates to

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